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    mesivta aliyah

    I don’t get why some have to put others down in such a pathetic, judgmental way in regards to them going to Orlando for Pesach, almost rooting for there to be problems.

    1) Most Yidden who have money to spend work really hard for it. And if they don’t, it’s because the Aibishter decided to bless them with parnassah. How they spend it is none of anybody’s business. Jealous? That’s an issur deoraisa. Work on it.

    2) We are not talking about the uber-wealthy here. This is not a Pesach program in Dubai that serves deer meat. Most of the folks who got messed over are your typical middle-class family who really can use a vacation. I’ve stayed home and I’ve done Orlando. The second option is much harder to execute. It involves much hard work and planning. The only added expense under normal circumstances is perhaps 2.5-3k for the house and the traveling expenses. Most people drive, by the way.

    3) The point is that the people who got hurt are really in trouble and are stranded. We are talking about your average family who needs a bit of a break from daily routine. Don’t we all?

    I hope that it will somehow work out, and watching Klal Yisroel mobilize to help these families is inspiring.


    It is a Minhag Yisroel to eat at home during Pesach.


    Do you have a problem with people going to their parents? And even if you do, most of the jealous commenters would not comment the same about people going to their parents so the original point remains true.


    ujm: Minhag yisroel? since when?

    meir G

    a few points ;
    no decent yid wants “families going to orlando” to have problems ,
    a famous line but true ” its not about the money”
    yes frum parents work very hard & have a right to spend money the way they wish ( within very broad parameters) although its not a blank heter to blow …$$
    the majority of frum yidden would not go to orlando for pesach EVEN FOR FREE
    here are a few reasons why?
    yom tov is supposed to be ” hecher” , its a time to be focused on ruchnius each on their level – sure there is good food , new clothing,..this is not the proper time on the calender- you need to go , pick a weekend in the winter
    ZMAN CHEIRUSANU- we are blessed with a shefa yet we are far from free.. its very difficult to feel cheirus in orlando
    cleaning & preparing for pesach are exercises that are so therapeutic & cleansing for your families neshama – this is not deep kaballa , this is basic 9 when your goyta vacuums & “you sell the house ” you are missing an opportunity & your kids lose out as well ,
    davening in a SHUL- the olam , the singing , the tzura of a mikdash me’at & A RAV to say a few words is very diff. than sitting around a tent or living room with a small siddur
    there are circumstances for individual families to go but overall its not jealousey rather a disappointment in the yeridas hador


    It is a minhag Yisroel to criticize others especially when it makes you feel superior.

    As a Rebbe of mine once says “ITs hard to be frum its much easier to be frummer”

    So instead of working on ourselves we say
    “Hey at least I’m better than all those going to ORlando who are don’t have the “therapeutic exercise” (whut?) of cleaning”

    “Hey at least I didn’t go to a Pesach program in Dubai that serves deer meat”

    “Hey at least I’m better than the bitter yidden insisting they aren’t jealous of those in Orlando and that their way is better”

    ITs an old minhag
    one I’m being mekayem right now


    What did those hundreds of families who went to Orlando and found out at the last minute that they had no place to stay end up doing?

    ☕️coffee addict

    Rabbi feiner (Rav of the white shul in far rockaway) has an excellent 5 minute talk about it on TorahAnytime which I think people should listen to

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Coffee addict- thanks for that! Really great to hear it emphasized how it links to behaviors to teach your kids. I’m just sorry he kept calling people with who have less finances “less fortunate”. I would say that’s debatable, especially in this context. 😉


    CA: Can you summarize Rabbi Feiner’s thoughts on this?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh, c’mon man! It’s less than 5 minutes. Just do it!


    it was excellent thanks for recommending

    Rabbi Reisman says very similar sentiments yearly, always worth hearing again.

    ☕️coffee addict



    meirG> its a time to be focused on ruchnius each on their level

    One of many good ideas, but you all guys are talking as if there is no pandemic outside that makes every trip a potential suicide or murder. Surely, this should affect your ruchnius even if you don’t infect anyone (or just do not know about it)? A person who raises his hand at another person is a rasha.


    There is no kever of some chassuvah rebbe or tzadik in Orlando (unless there is some Disneyvelt chassidus that has stayed under the radar). Nor does Florida have a reputation of being one of the most anti-semitic places in the world. If you have the funds and think it easier to drive 18 hours each way in a van with the kids and machatunim rather than making the sedorim at home, than go for it.


    Is it true Orlando was started by someone related to one of uncle Moishys Mitzvah Men?

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