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    Why is the OU Job Board being discontinued?



    I assume they ran out of grant money or maybe there wasn’t enough people entering jobs or looking for jobs on the website.




    The website says:

    Over the past 18 months, we have observed a significant decline in the use of the job board by both job-seekers and corporate partners. That, and personnel changes within the organization, suggest that it is an appropriate time for the Job Board to cease operations.

    The OU has made available on its website the entire collection of our highly-acclaimed courses and seminars that will remain available for use free of charge. You may access them here.

    All jobs and resumes currently posted on the OU Job Board will remain posted through March 31st.


    Ahin Un OHare

    As one who has been actively involved with the OU Job Board — trying to do Chesed — I protest the closing of this very vital service to Jewish people worldwide.

    I understand that there was Machlokes (disagreement) between the OU leadership and the Job Board director. However, this is a poor excuse.

    It is the obligation of the OU to continue their Job Board (which they have funded from their Kosher certification fees) or transfer it to another organization! “Lo Saamod Al Dam Reiecha” (You cannot stand by idly while other Jews are suffering…from unemployment, etc.)!!!



    Is there any reason the board couldn’t continue under new leadership and personnel?


    Ahin Un OHare

    Any suggestions on preventing the very unfortunate closure of the Job Board?

    Perhaps another organization may be interested in continuing this essential Chesed?


    The Queen

    If all it entails is posting resumes and job openings, why can’t the coffee room have a thread for it??


    That would require exchange of contact information, and we do not do that. It is not a good idea, especially since there are many sensitive and volatile topics discussed here.

    There is this, though:


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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