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    Thank you Hashem613

    Anyone know any out of town Shadchanim outside new York & Lakewood?


    Yeshivish/bais yaakov shidduchim?
    Which areas do you want specifically? West coast, midwest, etc.


    The Chicago Chesed Fund has a network of Shadchanim that deal in Chicago and all across the country. Why don’t you google SimchaLink and send a message to them? They will forward your request to their dozen or so people, many of whom would be happy to work with you.
    (Full disclosure: One of those shadchanim is my wife)


    If you are currently located OOT, than obviously check with your local rav or friends in the area. If you are currently in NYC or Lakewood areas and for some reason are specifically looking for an OOT girl/boy than the same applies if you have a particular location in mind. If you feel you have exhausted the options locally and looking OOT, perhaps first consider WHY you haven’t found someone locally, given the choices will be incredibly more restricted OOT.


    Why do out of town shidduch candidates, regardless whether it it is the male or the female, generally have to travel to the New York/NJ area when the shidduch is with someone from NY/NJ?


    GadolHador- what even? how does ur response answer the question in any way? what does asking a Rav have to do with anything ?


    Lakewood Strong: Easy. OOT can mean literally “anywhere in the world” outside of the NYC/Lakewood metro areas. I assume not EY but some geographic focus might be helpful (aka West coast versus Midwest versus south Florida). If there is a geographic focus (aka the poster is moving to some location and would like to explore dating options in that area), a rav or rebbitzen in the local shul would be aware of any legit shadchonim who work with young men/women in that area. Its a lot better than going on JDate which no ben/bas torah would likely consider.


    Baltimore has a special program and lots of active Shadchanim. Shidduchcenter DOT org

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