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    I’m a non-american frum, single girl who recently relocated to the US.

    I may have a good job opportunity in lakewood, but am concerned about the lack of “chevra” and the few options wrt roommates.

    does anyone know if there are out-of-town frum girls living in apartments in lakewood?




    Try new york


    Hatzlocha Rabbah!

    If you are here because of shidduchim, i would reconsider Lakewood.

    Unfortunately, there are many girls 25+ in Lakewood, who are not married and shidduchim is not what one would think would be. Some of these girls are daughters whose fathers’ were encouraged to stay in learning or go into klei kodesh and now when many fathers of prospective young men ask about some of these girls, it is a double standard as too many are encouraged to go with the businessman. Some of the eligible girls that i know have excellent paying jobs and even purchased a home that no longer carries a mortgage but the parents of the boys want the parents of the girls with money.

    Yes, it is a shame but is true!


    I think the post of Ms. Critique is not so relevant to your question. There are single girls living here in Lakewood, often working where there are other girls they can socially connect with.

    You will also find a lot of girls in Brooklyn, maybe more shiurim to go to there. There are also a lot of opportunities to do Chesed in Lakewood, which helps you begin to get to know people too.

    You have to start with some connection, job or friend you can go to for Shabbos or something in whichever community you will choose.

    Much Hatzlocha to you.


    Hi! Yes there are definitely out of town single frum girls living in Lakewood. While small, it is there.

    I currently live in Lakewood, and can help you get settled in meeting other girls.

    And don’t forget that Shidduchim come from Hashem. Just do the best you can, make practical decisions, and you’ll be fine. Do not choose a location based on potential dates.

    If you’d like to contact me about anything further, I am at your service.



    Hello all,

    thanks for your replies.

    At the moment, like I said, i’m looking into a promising job opportunity. If it DOES work out, I think living in lakewood is the only option…and i’m loath to live alone at this point.

    classicalmusic, thanks for your offer…I may just get in touch shortly.

    have a lovely evening and thanks for your time 🙂


    Lakewood has more shidduch age men than women

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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