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    Is the best way to sell outdated industrial knitting machine needles/parts to junk metal dealers?

    How do I get the best price?

    I’ve tried Ebay, and googling. Seems theyre no longer used now.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    If you’re in Brooklyn, there’s a scrap metal place near the Gowanus Canal. I have no clue how much they offer though..


    take them to places where you can take recycled coke cans. My family (of three) spent five years saving coke cans, and we got $17.00 for them.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    …spent five years saving coke cans, and we got $17.00 for them.

    That doesn’t come out to much per hour.


    we Baruch Hashem, had other sources of income during that time period.


    You can try calling Kars 4 Kids.

    Even if they don’t take this, you will get to hear a great song while on hold.

    But they do accept more than just cars.


    there is a scrap dealer on Cropsey Avenue right in front of Home Depot. if its one machine and you can take it to him, fine.

    if you have a lot, he can send someone to you and shlep. you will get less money if he shleps it.

    there is a “market” price for every metal. the dealers are almost all the same price.


    Are they new and is there a brand or any other identifying info?


    It depends on what type of metal and how much you have. The market also fluctuates. Steel is only about 15 cents per pound. Other metals are worth more. Copper for example is sometimes $2.50 per pound. Benson scrap metal next to the Gowanus canal pays better than Cropsey. I hope you have a few hundred pounds!



    I have a very large stock of the following industrial knitting machine needles (and others too numerous to list):

    Groz Beckert

    VO 54.87 G3

    VO 86.73 G01

    2106 ER

    POVA 55.48 GO2

    Links- Spec 57.130 G01

    9870 DR

    9806 DR

    POVA 55.48 G02

    VOSATA 86.73 G02

    BETA 54.63 G01

    BETA 54.73 G04

    RI 77.125 G01

    2074 FR

    Clavettes Universal MC-M

    Asstd other brands:

    Singer SDK






    In the 80’s and 90’s the USA, and Williamsburg in specific, was bustling with knitting mills. Not any more. Now most knit goods are manufactured in the Orient and third world countries.


    You’ll get the best price if you presort the metals and provide your own transportation. If you have powerful moters with ledgible specification plates, they may be of some value themselves.


    My dad was in this business, the brands you list sound familiar. I can run it by him. Are they new or used? Are they damaged in any way?



    Thanks! All are in perfect condition- all never opened boxes. A roomful.

    You say your dad “was in this business”, how would they be of use now?


    He is still selling off his machines. They are mostly shipped overseas, he knows the dealers. I showed him your listing, he said he needs to look into it and will let me know. I will post tommorow to let you know what he says.


    .Sweatshop boss comes in just ahead of slave owner these days. The reparations you owe are more than the machines are worth. So my advice is junk it, run and hide. (For Godwins sake) this sounds like selling inherited zyklon b canisters.



    The reparations you owe are more than the machines are worth.

    Pretty funny! Only thing is, the previous owners never had a mill, all they did was supply to the mills! They never did a single unscrupulous business thing… but still youre pretty funny…


    He couldn’t tell much from the part numbers and needs to find his machine manuals. But he said it would help to see the needles and that he would like to do so. He said they might be 24 cut needles which went out of style earlier than what he did which is 12 cut, whatever that means.

    Anyways, I let the moderators provide my email to you and you could do the same so we can set up a time to see the goods.


    Sorry, nevermind. He found the book and could not locate those numbers. Might mean they are really old or another type of knitting. I would suggest contacting some of the other suppliers, here is one I found:


    Or you can list on Alibaba.com as well. Best of luck.


    Sounds good. Ill post here when I get any communication from a Mod.


    Can Mods please let me know why I havent heard from anyone. Is this perhaps some kind of a Purim shpiel?

    I don’t know, I haven’t been modding your posts. But our standard policy is not to facilitate communication, as you well know.


    Is there any way you can think of that two parties, one interested in selling and another in buying, can be put in touch (especially if both seem to be maskim)?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Put them on ebay.



    Put them on ebay.

    We considered that.

    A roomful of eqipment, and ship the roomful to Timbuktu at huge shipping cost, when theres an interested party probably in the NY area, and probably a Heimisher who could benefit from some of it?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    He can buy it from you through ebay.


    dont junk it for scrap metal, you’ll get less than pennies on the dollar for what it would be worth (used). locally in brooklyn, there are a few sewing repair shops that can give you more info, for example Vais Sewing Machine Co Inc (718) 677-6474 1129 Mcdonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY. and there are others

    you can also try googleing miami industrial sewing machine



    for example Vais Sewing Machine Co

    Thanks, all, but this is not for the sewing trade, its for the knitting trade, most of which doesnt exist in the USA anymore, except for some small pockets out there.


    zman7777 and Mods,

    Sorry. I missed the 4 day old post from zman7777.

    I thought that they were still looking to get in touch.

    I apologize.


    I have an old knitting machine that uses Torrington needles and might be interested in buying them from you if they’re the right size, not rusted and in good condition.


    Knitting supplies are rare in north america now. A room full of knitting needles and equipment sounds amazing! I had to import my machines from europe.

    These all look like needles for linkers and older pre computer industrials. Probably worth about $40 per 100 needles.

    Check out wotol and exapro if you still want to sell these as textile machinery is a focus of those sites.


    Early in my career I did some compressed air and gas piping for a mill near Willy on Metropolitan Ave. There were rows and rows of carousel machines, some spitting out sweater bodies, and some doing sleeves. A floor boss and an army of Hispanic women sewed them up and packaged them. There was a senior citizen yid, who floated among the machines, adjusting feeds and belts, and tweaking the bobbins. I thought at the time that his departure would cause the business to collapse. As it turned out, GAAT and NAFTA came soon after and spelled doom for all the local factories. I was also a frequent visitor to all kinds of facilities in Maspeth, many with old rail connecting tracks out the back door, and some still with massive steam equipment that had been reworked to electric. I was witness to the dying gasp of American business, as it all was scrapped or shipped to China, and raw material with a ‘Made in USA’ stamp became a rarity.


    We are looking for the needles LINKS SPEC 57.130 G01. Please tell us how many pieces do you have?.

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