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    Frum Yidden have spent much time & money pursuing a degree in a “kosher” environment only to realize later that the field they have chosen is already saturated with other graduates & there’s just not enough demand for so many qualified providers. If you experienced this or you know of a field that’s oversaturated please share your knowledge & spare a fellow Yid much money & aggravation.
    If you know of a field with more room for growth it would be helpful to others to share your knowledge.


    Commentators in the CR


    Basically whatever the hot thing is now – realize that it will soon be over-saturated. Social work, PT, Speech etc.. Think out of the box. App building, web development and similar computer work I believe is the future and may be good to be able to work offsite etc,,,,flexible hours…lucrative..if you are willing to work hard. Or start a business.


    I’m not sure there is any single “oversaturated” professional discipline that would warrant not pursuing a degree. Rather, there are many fields where you can always find a job but only the top graduates from the top schools command a really good salary. In law and business, grads from the top schools can easily earn $150,000 to $200,000/ annually (with additional “signing bonuses”) with the major NYC law firms and investment banks but “average students” from mid and lower tier schools are having a hard time finding positions and when they do, starting salaries may be in the range of $65-75K. At the other end of the spectrum, really top notch programmers can earn well over $100K with the larger social media companies and startups but run of the mill programmers are a fraction of that. Some careers are quickly being overtaken by offshore outsourcing, automation and artificial intelligence (e.g. accounting and auditing, back-office administration) while others reflect changes in how we do business (e.g. 30 percent of bank tellers have lost their job in the past decade). Their is a huge demand for public school teachers paying good starting salaries $50-$60K) but a frum young man/woman will find salaries at most yeshivas (where they might want to work) are 30 percent lower. Nursing seems to be a steady area of growth with good salaries across the board and less focus on academic pedigrees.


    Meishiv for second seder is a hugely saturated position. The Rosh Yeshiva only has so many son-in-laws.


    Some fields require a solid college education.


    Lakewhut: I had assumed the OP was talking about a college degree or graduate degree but just realized there are many occupations where a 2=year associates degree may be sufficient and surprisingly, those 2-year programs seem to do a better job of training people for real world opportunities. I would avoid private (for-profit) “on-line” colleges since they seem to be the subject of frequent prosecutions for “over=selling” their success in job placement as well as saddling their students with huge amounts of federal college debt.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Just out of curiosity, and I know this is a random place to post this, but was my comment actually deemed inappropriate for some reason or did I trip the spam detector with my account again?

    I was not comfortable with the condescending/disrespectful overtones. Sometimes I let them thru anyway, depending on the target, but sometimes not. And then on some days I play Russian roulette and do an every-forty-third-post-gets-deleted thing. But this wasn’t one of those days. – 29


    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Seriously? Who on earth was I disrespecting? I’ve said legitimately mean-spirited things directed at specific posters before and gotten through. There was no target in that post; I don’t know how you could have possibly read it as though there was.

    Was one of the professions I listed your own person side hustle and it was hard to swallow pill?

    I am not sure why your go-to is always to assume personal affront. That assertion is ludicrous as half the posts would disappear. Perhaps some of your biases are just so ingrained that you don’t even know they are there.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Maybe because it happens to always be the same mod deleting really tame posts while all kinds of vile gets through? You haven’t really denied the assertion. Basing moderation on “tone” is subjective and admits that the post’s content didn’t violate anything. You read my posts in the certain tone because of who you perceive me to be. This perception is probably rightfully based on my more spiteful posts elsewhere, which I imagine are allowed through when another mod is on duty.


    And, biases against who? Real estate agents? I wish people could realize how absurd that statement is in light of the post being discussed. We’re talking about a post listing saturated certification programs.

    Not sure why I’m bothering but… no, it wasn’t the certification programs it was an attitude toward certain people and a certain lifestyle. I’m sorry you can write what you do without even realizing you wrote it, but that doesn’t really change the need to delete. 

    over and out


    Some say it’s difficult make a living in Israel
    for immigrants
    Surly it’s the same answer to the above
    If Hashem wants to give you a living he is not
    Bound by saturation or borders
    Before anyone says hishdadlus….
    Getting a degree and a job in Israel is
    making our efforts

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    “Some say it’s difficult make a living in Israel
    for immigrants”
    Some say those who immigrate to frumkeit and have questions like that of the OP have trouble making a living not realizing how most people get their jobs in the system. Those that say that are prone to being blocked by a man-child mod who wants to keep them in the dark so that he can keep his pride and pretend he’s accomplished something in life.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    How am I not banned yet?


    Neville: Quit while you are ahead…..make Shabbos early, have an extra schtick kugel and go complain tomorrow morning to the gabbai about the lousy scotch being served at the Kiddush club.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Thanks, Gadol. But, when exactly do you think I was “ahead?”

    Mod 29, I apologize. While I would answer the OP’s question that same way I tried to here if I were asked privately, I understand that you have to do what you have to do for the integrity of this website.

    I think anything even slightly resembling a positive purpose to maintaining an account here for me has long expired (if there ever was one). I’m not saying that to insult your website, by the way. I’m not sure of any way to delete an account. If it’s not possible, would you mind blocking me? As any good forum user will tell you, it’s not as simple as just quitting. If you can’t, it’s fine; I think I have a work-around. And, don’t worry, it doesn’t involve me spewing swears until I get blocked.

    Also, just for the purposes of not frustrating 29 any further I should clarify that those last mean-spirited comments were not just an attempt to get blocked nor am I trying to sweep them under the rug as such to avoid responsibility. I really am that petty. Sorry.

    Also, Gadol, of course the scotch was lousy. It’s minhag klal Yisroel to drink weekday scotch on Shabbos Chazon.

    I hope you will reconsider. I would be sorry to see you go.


    Go into Social Work or Special Ed, no one is doing those things!!! And you’ll make millions!

    Oh, sorry, my bad… what I meant to say was don’t go into those things, the entire Brooklyn and Lakewood is doing them, and you probably won’t get a real job for years.


    denvy, as funny as your comment was, I think that there are always openings in special education because besides for kids who really need it, even kids who wouldn’t need special Ed in an optimal educational system, today every kid is forced into a mold that requires them to need the services of special Ed just to keep up (and chugging along…) until they are fee of the prison called school.. There’s barely any time for free play and sports and creative kids are overloaded with memorization and boredom instead of having subjects taught that they can excel in like music and drama (real subjects in the secular world. Whats the need to know French history for example?! Who cares that what’s her name (I forgot) told the peasents to eat cake…it’s irrelevant. Teach these kids education that matters to them .

    Our educational system creates kids that need special Ed so the field may be saturated, but not oversaturated.

    And social work, well with everyone having to be treated for all kinds of disorders, ocd, odd, add, ADHD, xyz…practically everyone needs some help from the goyishe psychology that helped produce such a wonderful society of drug addicts, depressed people, gender “change” krankeit, kid teenage pregnancy…we need these hashkofos in our communities so that we can help everyone with their issues that was cooked up by these same people.


    I studied Law and became an English Solicitor. However I was not from a family that had powerful connections and found it very hard to get a job in Frum/Jewish or big corporate law firms.
    So I ended up working for a few years in non Jewish small firms and Local Authority Legal departments.

    After a losing my job a number of times, I decided to abandon the profession and join my father in the clothing manufacturing and wholesale trade.

    I would advise to look carefully at what you Father or Grandfather did for parnosoh and whether that has application today.


    Least saturated occupation in frum community is rich father-in-law.


    Yochy agreed. Work within computers, IT, web development,programming, cybersecurity etc. Perfect for drum people. Men or women. It is a growing industry. You can get your degree in these subjects from Naaleh College. It’s a Frum Accredited online college.

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