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    Oxitec, our hero

    Oxitec will beat

    All of the mosquitos

    That thrive in summer heat.

    Aedes aegypti, our enemy

    Oxitec will push them away

    By lowering their numbers

    Messing with their DNA.


    I wouldn’t bet on it being a perfect solution. A reduction of the yellow fever mosquito population has been shown to increase the Asian tiger mosquito population — also a vector of Zika, dengue fever and the yellow fever virus among others — which can survive cold winters and are found right here in NY.

    This from ecdc europa:

    Aedes aegypti, unlike Ae. albopictus is not able to undergo winter diapause as eggs, and this therefore limits their ability (to some extent) to exploit more northerly temperate regions (although some survival is possible during the summer following an importation). However it may establish in regions of Europe showing a humid subtropical climate (parts of Mediterranean and Black Sea countries) such as the Sochi region where it has become established again since 2001 (Black Seas coast).

    Species competition has also been shown to affect distribution and abundance. A decrease in the distribution of Ae. aegypti has been associated with the invasion of Ae. albopictus, especially in south-eastern USA [5].

    End quote.

    We need major Nissim here to overcome these diseases, regardless of the specific mosquito.


    Cute poem though.


    Perhaps you should write a song about your freeze spray.

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