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    does anyone know the real difference between a PA and a nurse practitioner and which is better?


    I think that nurse practitioners have more autonomy. Also, along the way, you can work as a nurse.


    NP’s make slightly more. You must be a reg. nurse first. Some states- they are allowed to practice on their own. Very few men in the career. The biggest drawback is area of practice. Most will work either in pediatrics, family care, Internal med, geriatrics or psychiatry. A lot of them have trouble switching from being a nurse to a practioner. Nursing theory and practice isn’t the same model as medical practice. Some work in anethesia. (Midwives work in OB instead of NP’s.) Very, very few ever work in other areas of medicine. PA’s tend to work in all areas of medicine and surgery. Most people like being PA’s because of being able to change laterally. Eg. -ER to Cardiology, Geri to Ortho, ER to Ortho & Plastics.

    1st timer

    I hear there’s a 3 year program at Columbia where when you’re done you are a licensed nurse practitioner-does anyone know if this is a good idea? Does anyone know where & when the NLN’s are given?


    i know u can take the nln in beth Israel nursing school in the city or in touro nursing school in brooklyn.


    PBISN does not have any more test dates for this year, dunno about touro though.

    try to find a test center near you

    (i hope the mods let this through. its the website for the NLN tests)


    attention health you have some of your information incorrect. i know many nurse practitioners who work in cardiology and neuro and depends on the hospital and how they utilize their nurse practioners. One thing is the PA always must be signed off by a doctor. NP dont need a doctor to sign off and they can work completely independently


    nursemom -Ok, but I haven’t seen it. And I’ve been through quite a few. Could you name some of the hospitals that have a lot of NP’s in these areas?

    “NP dont need a doctor to sign off and they can work completely independently”

    Also depends on where they work.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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