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    All these “sponsored” ads raise the long-standing question as to whether these types of ads prey on vulnerable yidden sometimes desperate for some sort of miracle or supernatural intervention when they confront a crisis in their lives related to finances, health, family issues etc. and have exhausted their normal support networks through davening, consultations with their regular LRPs etc. Clearly, daas torah supports the notion of seemingly super natural outcomes but is there a point where flashing online ads or mailed circulars promoting segulahs through questionable practices become borderline apikorsus, vodoo, and new-age healing? Certainly yidden are free to believe whatever they want but what responsibilities do we have to protect the most vulnerable from scams cloaked in a yiddeshe vert or implicitly endorsed by the ad appearing on respected websites or legitimate publications.

    The little I know

    The abominable message implied is that the marketed segulah, mekubal, etc. is the authority over the brochos and hashpa’os. Therefore, one must patronize it/him, and provide financial support back that. I cannot see the element of ratzon Hashem in this.

    None of our Gedolei Yisroel guided us to fall prey to these forms of marketing. yet, it appears that some, if not many, of today’s Gedolim have their names and photos attached to these advertisements. I believe they are innocently supporting the fund raising for the organizations that are worthy tzedokos. But I am still offended by humans considering themselves the ones to choose where hashpa’os from HKB”H should go.


    “Clearly, daas Torah supports the idea of super natural outcomes”

    That could have a very broad definition. Make it more specific, and watch the clear support turn to clear opposition.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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