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    What do you think?


    I’m all for it.


    Also near Atlantic City.

    Given there is currently no market for them, expect it will spend its life getting milk, and then turned into a less desirable piece of beef (what happens to dairy cows after a while).

    A Parah Aduman without a Beis ha-Mikdash is just a red cow.



    why does a para aduma need the beis hamikdosh?


    Without a Beis ha-Mikdash to be sold to, she’s just an unimportant cow who will have a not especially good life for a cow (forced breeding, milk production, slaughtered for lower grade meat at best). As a Beis ha-Mikdash cow she’ll live a pampered life (until slaughtered).

    The Frumguy

    Signs of Moshiach or not, it happens to be the cutest cow I’ve ever seen.


    ill post all the posts that are on the main site (including mine)

    Dr. E says:

    March 31, 2015 at 10:36 am

    Maybe the cow could be preserved in the Bochurim Freezer for now.

    kehath64 says:

    March 31, 2015 at 10:50 am

    Is this legit??

    yosef stern says:

    March 31, 2015 at 11:16 am

    Baal Boose says:

    March 31, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    To #2.

    Not legit.

    One of them is a bull.

    Just as the farmer is false so too the set-up.

    Baal Boose says:

    March 31, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    kvetcher says:

    March 31, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    showjoe says:

    March 31, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Moshe1994 says:

    March 31, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    @2 It looks legit to me,@4 do you consider yourself more learned than the Rav in the video?

    Toras Moshe says:

    March 31, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    chulentboy says:

    March 31, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Yeah and it looks like someone told that guy exactly what to say. It seems a little fishy.

    And anyways it doesnt mean anything until there is a beis hamikdosh.

    Git Meshige says:

    March 31, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Git Meshige says:

    March 31, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    akuperma says:

    March 31, 2015 at 6:11 pm

    As there is currently no Beis ha-Mikdash, all the critter is good for is milk (depending on breed, most cattle in New Jersey are bred primarily for milk), and eventually for a low grade of meat (that is the fate of dairy cows when they get old). The skin will be used for leather. Some parts might be ground up for fertilizer or animal feed.

    No sense getting excited now. If Meshiach can build a Beis ha-Mikdash without the assistance of the government or the rabbinate, he can find a parah adumah.


    It’s amazing!



    You havent really answered my question. Why does para aduma need beis hamikdash? Where did you get this idea from?

    (the often cited problem is it needs a Kohein, which is a real halacha, its in passuk and brought in Rambam, and elegedly kohanim today are only a safek/chezkas kohein)


    To the op and others who start a thread similarly do not assume that everyone has had a chance to read the home page of YWN if you are posting on a story from there please post the link so we can know of what you speak thank you.


    Why do all the learned and esteemed yeshivaleit of the yeshivaworld post so confidently about the absence of the Bais Hamikdash?

    Is it possible?

    Is it possible that they see us comfortably ensconced in our holy cities of Lakewood & Brooklyn, forever? Is it possible that they don’t say, every day, “Be’chol Yom She’Yavo”?

    When they drink their wine and are mekayem the mitzva of Sippur Yetzias Mitzrayim, are they just telling a story? That couldn’t happen again??

    Just asking.


    golfer – There is a massive distinction between hoping, praying and preparing for Moshiach to fooling yourself that Moshiach has arrived. Unfortunately, 2000 years of Golus and too many supposed Moshiachs in the past has led Klal Yisroel into a forced cynicism. If every time there is a slight ‘hint’ to Moshiach we got our hopes up, we would never make it through the Golus.

    Yes, we all await the Geula Shleima Bekarov. But no, I won’t believe Moshiach is here until I see him myself.


    Did they check that it has all red hairs?



    I believe without the ashes of the last P’A to combine with any ashes we would make would not be of any use. So no Bais Hamikdash is not needed BUT do you know where to find the last batch?

    Little Froggie

    I don’t think it’s me’akev


    ubiquitin: Without a Beis ha-Mikdash, it’s just a red cow and is facing a relatively unpleasant life as a farm animal, before dying in a commercial slaughterhouse. With a Beis ha-Mikdash in existence, she will be pampered and treated kindly, and probably have a less unpleasant end (albeit with the same result).



    Granted I never learnt hilchos Para Aduma. Although we did read it recently, so the recipe is still in my head. The only things I recall needing are (See beggining parshas chukas):

    1) Para Aduma

    2) A kohein

    3) Etz Erez

    4) Eizov

    5) tolas shani

    6) Mayim chayim

    7) Some kindling to burn the cow

    Thats it! (granted some are easier said than done)

    Where does the beis hamikdash fit in? (I dont think you need old para aduma ashes either, but that does ring a bell, Beis hamikdash i’ve never heard of needing)

    do you have a source?


    Yekke, nobody said he arrived. Nobody pretended to have any idea when he’s going to arrive. And nobody does have an idea when he”ll arrive. What I had a problem with was people being so sure he won’t arrive during the lifetime of that cute little cow on the farm.

    I beg to differ with you about keeping our hopes up. It might be easier to sink into cynicism and trudge through Galus mechanically and perfectly performing our duties. The real Chochma is to make our way through Galus knowing every minute of every day that everything can change in an instant. And never losing hope that it will.


    You need the ashes of an old Parah Adumah. And even though that’s not M’akev B’dieved, Kol Haraui L’Bilah says we can’t do it here.

    iBump 2.0

    to those questioning the character of the people in the video, i cant attest for the farmer, but for the Rav , id like to say that i know him personally; hes an Av Beis Din, and hed would never in a million years just “say what someone told him to say”!

    if he says its legit, then in my book…its legit!!

    hope this is precursor of good things

    🙂 Bump 🙂



    #1 welcome back!

    #2 who is the rav?


    The real Chochma is to make our way through Galus knowing every minute of every day that everything can change in an instant. And never losing hope that it will.

    Of course. ??? ????? ?????? ????? ????? ????? ???. We all hope and pray for Moshiach, and we should work on ourselves until we really mean it with all our hearts. But hoping and looking towards it – being ???? ?????? – is very different to luring ourselves into false pretenses which turn our lives momentarily into fantasies which leave us more devastated when they turn out to be false.

    iBump 2.0

    thanks showjoe, although, seeing as youre only here 1 year, unless you are a second screen name of someone or you were a watcher for a(long) while, i dont see how you remember me very well; either way, thanks for the welcome back.

    One will notice that the Rav, Rabbi Knopfler, was very careful not to say that this is a sure sign of mashiach coming! all he did was ascertain and confirm that this red cow is completely red and halachicly fit for use as a parah aduma if the situation does arise. if anyone personally feels that this can be a message and wants to use this as a catalyst to begin and to further their growth in avodaas hashem (something that we should all be doing anyways!, but yes, there are catalysts that help us along in life) go for it! if you want to be a cynic, hey, its a free world and we all have bechira…

    We are living in the chevlei mashiach, thats something that all the gedolai yisroel are saying, so yes, i personally belive that this can very well be the parah aduma that we will use, hopefully very soon.

    🙂 Bump 🙂


    ibump: amen!

    i used to be Showjoe, but then for unknown and mysterious reasons i got blocked:(

    so i made a new un called sh0wj0e, and a very nice mod changed the appearance of my un to showjoe.

    my old account

    my new account


    Since it’s April 1, the title should be Paros Adumos in Lakewood, not near Lakewood!

    Little Froggie

    Sam: I don’t think so, I’ll have to look it up, unless you show a mareh makom


    Who was the Rav? Is this the same Rabbi Knopfler who was involved in the Lakewood Gittin?

    Avram in MD


    Based on other parts of the video, it seems to me that the hairs on the cow’s chin are muddy, not necessarily black.


    I wish the Ginger cow Arichas Yomim.

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