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    There is a minhag to say parshas hamun on gimmel bhalach, I met a very yeshivisher guy who asked me if I say parshas hamun yet and offered me a copy.
    Just curious how widespread this minhag is.

    Reb Eliezer
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    Don’t Call it a Segulah!!

    Rabbi Hoffman addresses it


    @ Reb E, its does not address how widespread the minhag of gimmel bshalach is


    It is a tfiloh. But a “segulah” in the sense per in Emuna uBitachon.

    Reb Eliezer

    It recognizes that parnasa is provided by only Hashem, so we are asked to throw our worries on Him as the mon was provided by Hashem, not more or less from what is fated. On erev shabbos there was a double provision. Maybe Tuesday is a double ki tov and Beshalach is the parsha of the mon. This reminds me of the famous mashol of the Dubner Magid. A man was carying a heavy package. He sees someone coming with a horse and wagon. The man invites him to get on the wagon. He looks back to see how the package guy is doing and sees that he is holding the package on his lap. He says, why don’t you lay the package on the wagon? He says to him, I don’t want to burden the horses with my package, so he is told, you are a fool. If you carry it, don’t the horses have to carry it also? The comparison is, if we worry about parnasa, doesn’t Hashem worry about it also?
    There is a minhag to put out for shabbos bread crumbs for the birds as they ate up the bread crumbs placed out by Dasan Vaacirom to fool Jews to think that mon fell on shabbos.


    REbE >> There is a minhag to put out for shabbos bread crumbs for the birds

    this is a nice minhag, but looks like we are emulating Dasan & Aviram?! Hope you did not mean the way political arguments are happening here …


    It’s amazing how people gravitate to Segulos.

    Saying Birchas Hamazon with Kavana is a wonderful Segula for Parnassa. So is Davening for Parnassa 3 x daily.

    If you read Krias Shema twice daily you will see a list of things that can bring success in Parnassa , guaranteed by the RBSHO.

    But someone says that Rav Mendel of Rimimnov said that a specific Parsha on Tuesday of Beshalach is a segula and it spreads virally around the world. “Last chance to say Parshas HaMon!”

    I don’t think being the Am Segula means this.

    There’s a well known story. Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita told someone that it’s a shame that Rav Yehuda Hachassid didn’t include the aseres hadibros in his tzavaah, because people would be much more careful about them had he done so….

    Reb Eliezer

    Always Ask Questions, the difference is that Dasan Vaavirom figured the opposite that the birds will not eat it. However, we figure that they will eat it and reward them for it. Intentions do matter. Doing something for the right intentions is rewarded. מחשבה טובה הקב’ה מצרפה למעשה see Tosfas in Kidushin (39,2) beginning machshava, explains the Meharsha that there is difference between goyim and yidden. By the Jews, a good machshava is counted whereas a bad one is not but by the goyim the opposite is true. A Jew when he has a good machshava will folllow up and do it but a bad one, he will not. However, a goy is the opposite, a bad one he will do but by a good one a machshava is not enough until actually done. The Maharal explains that by a Jew the atzmiyus is good as the reason of the Rambam of forcing a divorce until he agrees because a Jew wants to do the right thing but the yetzer hara resists him, so we force the yetzer hara out.


    I believe feeding the birds on erev shabbos is showing of Hakoras Hatov for what they did in the midbar.


    RebE, thanks for the explanation, a gut vort

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