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    Yes, i know that’s a contradiction, hence my problem: i have a box of duncan hines milk chocolate brownies. It has an ou on it, and it does not contain milk, milk products or anything of the sort as far as i can tell from the ingredients. However, when i made the mix, it tasted really milchigs. Before i put it in to bake, i was wondering if anyone knows if this is really pareve. i looked it up online, and i found the same thing with an ouD with cream and milk listed in teh ingredients. Is it possible that it got left off the box somehow? Or is it just really good tasting pareve mix? i really don’t want to treif up the oven, especially on erev shabbos (though not something i like to do not on erev shabbos either) so please only answer if you’re sure. thank you! and i’m sorry about all the grammatical errors. have a fabulous shabbos 🙂


    Something “tasting” milchigs is a silly argument.

    If the box has an OU (no D), and if you didn’t add dairy, and if there is no OU kosher alert on your item that the status may have changed from OU to OU-D, then your item is parve.

    I went on the OU website, and Duncan Hines Family Style Brownies-Milk Chocolate is listed as Parve.


    The OU websithe lists “Family Style Brownies-Milk Chocolate” as being Parve with the following note:Changed to pareve as of July 10 2012 and “Milk Chocolate Chunk Decadent Brownie Mix” as Dairy.


    thank you so much! funny, when i tried looking it up, i could only find the milchig version. oh well! thank you!!!

    re my silly arguments-yes, i agree, but it distinctly tasted like milk, and the last time something like this happened was on pesach when s/o ate something that tasted like kitniyot, and when she checked it up, the package had been mislabeled.but yes, i admit, my logic there was faulty. but i have a tendency to treif up the kitchen in the craziest ways, so i went into panic mode… 🙂

    sorry about that!

    have a great shabbos! 😀


    Good shabbos and enjoy those brownies.

    Think about it- we’ve gone to a place and time where “I can’t believe it’s not milchig”


    Hooray for them chemicals !!!!!


    The chemicals are an ikkar of what we end up eating over Pesach.

    We live in an age of cakes and cookies that taste chametzdik on Passover, kosher cheeseburgers, pepperoni pizza, kosher stroganoff, etc. I purchased a book on charcuterie making and another on vegan cheese making; I’m using lamb and veal as a substitute for davar acher in many of the recipes and they come out fine.

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