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    in the wake of the paris terror attacks we urge both sides to show restraint and not jump to conclusions. also, we should protect the muslims from any backlash


    Beef shnitzel.

    What I find so horrific is that this sort of atrocity happens all the time in Israel by the same nation of terrorists, and NOBODY in the secular world talks about that.


    Cause eisav will always hate Jakob and you can’t change it


    Islam comes from yishmael, not eisav.


    in the islam bible theres a sentence written “theres a rock behind you kill him”

    muslims believe the word rock refers to a jew & this is why there are so many suicide bombers & terrorists

    on the other hand on the positive note: the bnei yishmael will be the last to fight klal yisroel before mashaich comes & if you look into it they are ALL fighting klal yisroel today from iran to iraq, saudia arabia afganistan & the palestanians etc…

    start doing teshuva ASAP & then mashiach will come much quicker


    The only way to reduce the threat from Isis is to expel all Muslims. Yeah,it’s extreme but since they’re the only ones who cause these tragedies, they must go. WIll any nation be courageous enough to take such a stand the sake of the safety of its people?


    There are many non-muslims from all over the west flocking to join ISIS

    think “Jihadi John”


    It is unclear what the cause of the attacks is, there is a possible connection to this year’s Burgundy grape harvest having failed due to an increased prevalence of greenfly.


    We should divide France into 2 countries and make Paris an international city and divide it up. They Effiel Tower needs to be returned to the Waqf

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    skripka – i was saying the exact thing to my husband when i got the news. i agree this was more dramatic than many of the terror attacks we live thru, but it isn’t really that different from what we go thru all the time. I don’t even remember that much solidarity when the towers fell.

    on the other hand, obama got so close to calling it terror attacks. i didn’t listen with both ears so i could be wrong, but it sounded like he said “terrorizing” about twice as much as he needed to to make up for not actually calling them terrorists.


    Most of the people fighting Islamic State are Muslims. From a Muslim perspective, its a civil war among differenet Muslim groups. ISIS is hoping to win the civil war by convincing the western countries to persecute Muslims everywhere, thereby forcing the majority of Muslims, who at this point feel that ISIS is a pain, to see ISIS as the only hope for Muslim survival. Idiots who call for persecuting Muslims in America, are doing exactly what ISIS is trying to manipulate them into.


    I find this thread incredibly inappropriate. I get that people are upset with the world’s and the media’s treatment of Israel, but frankly many comments in this thread sicken me. There is no excuse to make light of what happened or to use it (especially so soon) as an insinuation for political gain. Have a little respect for other human beings.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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