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    I just watched a very disturbing video from Parnassa Raffle.

    Is anyone else bothered by these quotes?

    Is anyone bothered by these images?

    A young man learning at an exquisite dining room table with a Mac on it with all the silver in the breakfront in the background?

    Showing off his new home to all of his friends?

    How about showing someone retaining his lifestyle but giving money to tzedakah?

    This video does nothing to alleviate the need for materialism that our generation finds itself in.


    I totally agree with you. I watched it last night and felt very uncomfortable.


    I think we have a problem commenter here.


    Mods where are you?


    What a pity – this kid has nothing better to do with his time. They all do grow up eventually, so there is hope.


    what is the meaning of this? how could this even get posted? are things going up without a moderator? this is really not appropriate… k that was a huge understatement!


    This poster is ruining the coffee room’s reputation. I’m deeply disappointed with the moderating here. In the past few days he’s posting one outrageous post after another in various threads and for some reason they’re going through.

    I know all he wants is recognition, so we really should ignore his posts, but the mods should be ashamed. We shouldn’t have such posts up here even by mistake.

    And to you mr angryjewboy: we understand you feel resentful and my heart aches for you, but we really don’t need dirty language here…we did nothing against you. PLEASE go get help.


    Hey angry boy ! If u wanna curse one time is enough ! And I totally agree with the other posters sounds like the moderators are drunk already !


    It looks like there’s automatic posting because my post was posted as soon as I clicked send .


    RY- that’s very bad. That means anyone can post whatever they like.

    Last week there were some disgusting posts from this poster and they were up there for HOURS. The mods obviously didn’t review a single post here in hours. That’s BAD.

    What makes this site a trusted, heimishe website if its not being moderated right.


    U are %100 right smart cookie, I was just trying to bring out how it passed their sight but never the less this is not why we come to this site.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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