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    I read the interview in the Yated this week with R’ Duvi Honig of Parnassah Network.

    Now, I’m more confused than ever. I have a not well paying job & I’m considering going to the Parnassah Expo to seek additional job opportunities. Initially I was under the impression that the Expo is for people in Klal Yisroel who are jobless or, like myself, are in need of a new job. But from all the advertising that I’m seeing, it looks like the Expo is designed primarily for business to business networking, and after reading the interview, it seems that, secondarily, there will be a small section available for job seekers.

    It’s very name, Parnassah Expo, indicates that it’s geared for job seekers, not businesses.

    Any thoughts out there?


    It’s very simple there aren’t that many jobs available in the frum market and the expense of running this are very high.

    So instead of creating a community funded event where job seekers and employees meet up this became a business.

    Where any person or a business offering educational courses, career advice, business coaching or even pyramid sales sets up a both for a fee and then try to get as many clients to signup for their services.

    I’ve been at the last one and i saw that there were only a handful of actual jobs available plus some recruiters promising to get back to you. So i never understood their claim that dozens of jobs were given out on the spot there.

    Also, i know someone who contacted them this year and asked for a free both so he can offer free resources to anyone interesting in starting their own business. And this person never heard back from them.

    Maybe if you are desperate give it a try but i decided not to go this year.


    I just want to comment that I helped out the Parnassah Expo team last year and that I personally know so many people that got jobs through it. In fact I bumped into people months (and I mean months) later that had forgotten to mention to anyone that their job came through the expo. So everyone can assume whatever they want but being involved in the klal work, I was able to see first hand ppl that were helped. Unfortunately thousands more are in need and we have to all do our hishtadlus but the keys are in Hashems hands.

    As for this year, they are working to help not just job seekers but another section of Parnassah – keeping the business within the frum community.

    They are running to programs – YES there is a program with a job fair. However the meadowlands is huge and they took the opportunity to make a program for existing businesses to fill the floor and network everyone together to help businesses know what services there are for them.

    So if you are a job seeker there is a program for you.

    And if you are a businessman – there is a program for you.

    And its up to the businesses in our communities to join on both ends to help contribute to this beautiful gathering of klal Yisrael.


    Even if you are seeking a job, networking is critical for your job search, although my mom isn’t religious, she has gone to similar events and trust me, as sfind sn omeone whose mother needs to find a new job every few years, these networking events are also critical for her to go to.

    Loyal Jew

    A ben Torah shouldn’t go to these things without a heter from his rov. These events are full of lifnei ivver, exploiting the sad fact that shuffling papers or tapping a keyboard pays better than keeping Torah.


    It is for Joseph/LJ exclusively. With any luck, he will disappear.

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