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    Frum in the South

    Hi. Are there any law schools that are meant for frum working people? My son is in the PCS masters in accounting program and loves his business law class. I know there are law schools that have part-time programs – are any of them “frum friendly?” Thanks!


    Many accredited law schools offer part time programs (i.e. evening programs) that usually take an extra year or two to finish. They tend to be the least desirable law schools (so don’t plan to get a fancy job on Wall Street, more likely you’ll need to hang out a shingle). In general, except for the elite law schools, you should go to a local law school (one in the state or region you’ll seek to pracitice in). Pre-Covid19, any sort of correspondence or online law school was largely prohibited by the agencies that license lawyers.


    Let him take the LSAT, if he does very well he has a shot at the part time program at Brooklyn Law or Cardozo.


    Akuperma’s advice is right on point. If you son is considering a law degree focused on business law to supplement his accounting skills, than any of a number of smaller law schools offer the opportunity of extending the time for obtaining the needed degree credits and probably offer more focused instruction on nuts and bolts contracts/commercial litigation/tax/real estate etc. Not sure exactly what you mean by “frum friendly”. Almost all will involve “mixed gender” classes but most will be accommodating on attendance/exams for a shomer shabbos and yom tovim. I wouldn’t consider any of the totally “online” law schools. I’m not sure about their ABA accreditation and many employers would not consider hiring. Finally, if you are from the “south”, consider a local state university law program rather than coming to NYC if the intention is to hang out a shingle locally. Its tough to waive into the local bars from New York (which has one of the tougher bar exams).


    Where is he? If he’s actually in the south, I may be able to help.


    “Almost all will involve “mixed gender” classes”

    I don’t think that there are any accredited single sex law schools in the US anymore.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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