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    anyone know of any parve (it can be dairy equipment, or powder milk) or chalav yisrael breakfast/protein/energy bars???

    please include if it is actually yummy. 🙂


    Cliff bars are certified as dairy but they claim that the reason is because the chocolate chips that they use are made in dairy factory. I’d suggest that you contact the Chof-K to verify this for yourself.

    CLIF BARs are Kosher Dairy. There are no dairy products in our bars; however, the vendor we purchase our non-dairy chocolate chips from makes chips containing dairy in the same building.


    Most variety of Larabars are OU-Pareve. A few (those with chocolate chips at least) are OU-D.


    Renew Life organic fiber bars are supposed to be good, although I haven’t personally tasted them. I have been looking into them. Their hechsher is MK (montreal). They are dairy free, but the hechsher says they are dairy (probably DE). Check the MK website to see which flavors are good.


    Thanx soooo much everyone!!!!

    am yisrael chai

    action nutrition protein bar


    15g protein

    150mg omega-3

    18 vitamins & minerals

    Under the ok & another hashgacha

    chalav yisrael

    gluten free

    3 flavors, delicious

    I get it in the local grocery store.

    Here’s the info on the package:

    888 770-9211


    I’d like to add that in general lactose is generally not good to consume before or during excersize but cocoa is good. As a result many energy bar manufacturer’s look for parve chocolate for their bars. Kashering dairy chocolate equipment back to parve is complicated, particularly because putting water in the machines can damage them. As a result there are many products made with dark chocolate that are labeled dairy whose manufacturer’s claim are lactose free. Any questions regarding a specific product’s dairy status should be directed to the kashruth agency certifying that product.


    ayc- thanx those sound great!

    bezalel- thats so interesting, i never knew that! so when the pakage says “may contain traces of dairy” it usually just means dairy equipment?


    has anyone confirmed clif bars are just dairy equipment


    These aren’t particularly nutritious.

    BUT- I saw in Hofstra University’s Student Cafeteria “Nana’s Cookies” in different flavors- fruit-juice sweetened, Dairy Equipment hechser (Kof K) and they had this “Enjoy Life” dairy-free chocolate, CRC- Parve. I think I’ve also seen their parve chocolate chips in Whole Foods (so people who used to but Trader Joe’s have another option). B”H for vegans.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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