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    Two of the most basic password security tips always given is to:

    1. use a long password that isn’t easy to guess (i.e. something people know about you) and

    2. don’t reuse password’s between two websites

    Tip 1 means you will probably forget your own long-hard passwords. Tip 2 means you will need 150 different passwords — multiple banking logins, credit cards, brokerage, each e-mail account, utility companies, employer logins, forums, newspaper websites (WSJ, etc.), etc. etc. etc.

    So how is this possible to even recommend? It is practically an impossibility.

    So if one website’s password’s is hacked, the hacker will then have access to ALL your websites that use the same e-mail/password combination. And the idea of using a Password Manager to manage your logins is good, except if you need to login from a remote location you won’t have access to it or the login accounts you then need.

    So what is a mere mortal to do?


    They say the only secure password is something you can’t remember.


    Get an IronKey and store your password manager on it. Wherever you go you will have all your passwords in your pocket. If you ever lose it, the drive will self-destruct.


    don’t become a member of so many websites


    I use two passwords, one for secure stuff and one for non-secure, like blogs and second class email and electric bill, unless you want to hack into my bill and pay it. In either case I use a word not related to address, birthday, phone… Pick an aspect of someplace you like to visit. Also, you can use a simple encryption of a word. It can be a keyboard based encryption or two letters off or whatever is easy enough for you to be able to punch in on the spot.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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