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    there are alot of tzedaka organizations that say if you donate a certain amount of money then someone will daven for doesnt sound right to me. everyone gives what they could and should all be able to be davened for no matter how much they give!how could they say only if you donate a certain amount..anyone else agree?


    Teshuva, Tefilla, Tzedaka Mavirin es roah hagizera.

    You do teshuva yourself, you dont pay anyone to do it for you (nor can you), so, daven yourself and give whatever amount of tzedaka you can, to any worthy cause.

    Chazal never stipulated that only tefilla by specific tzadikim, or specific amounts of money will be mavir es hagizerah.


    But it does help to have a tzadik speak to Hashem on your behalf.


    And I thought this was going to be a thread about paying for Yamim Noraim seats 🙂


    !- You could go to the tzadik yourself to have him daven for you, but this is easier.

    2- They are davening for you and you get the zchus of giving the tzedaka. Its a better shot at having the tefila accepted.

    But there’s nothing wrong with giving tzedaka just for the sake of giving tzedaka and not getting anything in return.


    The question is not, does it help to have a tzadik speak to hashem on your behalf, but, how much is it worth for you to have the tzadik speak to hashem on your behalf. If $36, pledge.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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