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    ha ha ha ha

    what does the oilem think of kosher l’paysach pizza, bissli etc???

    i am here

    I think it’s a crazy thing we really don’t need these things fir preach but it’s a good parnash for those who invented these weird stuff (I have tasted some not on preach) but if pple like it go ahead gezunt ahait


    do they make it with matzarella?


    We are one spoiled generation not to be able to survive 1 wk without bisli…


    I think it takes away from the specialty of pesach. the kids don’t even realize they’re doing anything different.


    We “mish” on Pesach and we do buy processed foods but we don’t buy all these ‘look alikes’ because we want to have a ‘real’ pesach experience!

    ☕️coffee addict

    good one Goq!

    :p> mbachur <d:


    they may look alike but they do not taste the same!

    always here

    “do they make it with matzarella?”……. pure genius! 😀


    I think the kids chap that its different once they take a bite…It all tastes like potatoes, just with different consistancies.

    ha ha ha ha

    i’m asking about what it represents not the taste….

    Shticky Guy

    Goq ROTF!!! Very very funny! Best post since zaidy’s on mayo thread. (that if not for mayo there would be an over population of tuna in the ocean!)

    This one’s about pesach but could also be on the cute things kids said thread (maybe I’ll post it on both):

    1. My young daughter asked why on pesach do we only have a seder night and dont also have a bubba night.

    2. When my son was small, he asked why are the middle days of pesach called ‘challa moed’ when surely they should be called ‘matza moed’.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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