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    Who tried their courses in the past? What do you think about it? Also I heard there is a zoom option? Does that work like being in the class? What about the amount they charge is that a fair price?

    Please let me know honest answers.


    I graduated their accounting course, and have zero regrets. Besides for education you have an amazing network.

    I personally did not like the fact it was on zoom. I feel the quality of learning suffered (many disagree).

    Amount I think is fair.

    Happy new year

    The Software Course is very good, great professors.
    Really prepared me for my very lucrative career.
    In 1 1/2 years, you get more than the goyim get in 4 years.
    If you’re able to keep cheshbon, it’s really kdai.
    The zoom is even better than in person, in my opinion.
    Amount is a lot less than any other college, that’s for sure.
    i owe these ppl my life!


    I am a recent graduate of the pcs masters in accounting program. If you do the course make sure you review the materials before class. This will make all the difference if you are just getting by or really understanding the material. Schedule is very accommodating for yomim tovim.

    efshar azoi

    these people are simply messengers of Hashem. You owe your life to Hashem


    They are an amazing program and also help out people with finding jobs even if you don’t take their courses.

    Keep up your amazing avodas Hakodesh Professional Career Services and may Hashem always give you Hatzlacha.


    I don’t know much about PCS, but you might also want to look at wider choices: there are now quite a number of reputable online colleges with good degree programs. You do not generally need to interact with strangers and the class deadlines are easy to manage around yomim tovim, way easier than in in-person colleges.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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