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    Kids using language like everything is peerim and other yeshivishe language. I believe it is a problem as kids can’t speak properly without sticking in words like me’hechi teisi and nafka mina etc.


    I guess you never heard Abie Rottenberg’s song “Yeshivashe Reid”


    Kids who speak Chinese at home learn English just fine.

    joes freind

    it proper to speak that way bec their yeshiva bachurim


    ????? is just 19 weeks away from tonite.


    Let them be; they’re creating a new language, like the Ladino of America.

    The question is whether they are receiving an adequate education and practice of the English language. If so, then at least they have a language that speaks to them. It may be tinged with Yiddish and Yeshivishe, but language is a framework for life.

    There are some things that cannot be translated into English that only they in their time can communicate by merging the languages.

    For the sake of Yiddishkeit, perhaps the language barrier between their casual conversation and that of others actually keeps their ties with Judaism strong. They cannot rid their Yiddishkeit from their tongue.

    What’s the difference between criticizing them for not speaking 100% English and previous generations doing all they can to assimilate? Aren’t you making the same argument that the Reform movement made to enforce English?


    @lightbrite I believe that when speaking in learning they should speak yeshivish but upon entering a store owned and operated by non Jews they should be able to coherrently explain what their purpose is in the store!!!!


    Language is different today than 150-200 years ago. There is more globalization and more communicating with all people

    Like it or not English is the worlds language, It is the language spoken by More jews than any other language

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Joe’s Friend – just curious, why is your name Joe’s Friend? Are you a friend of Coffee Room Joseph or some other Joe?


    lilmod ulelamaid,

    The name of the person you are addressing is not ‘Joe’s friend’ – look carefully. Either he doesn’t speak (or spell) proper English “bec their (sic) yeshiva bachurim”, or his name is Joe S Freind.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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