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    Is it just picking up checks? Do you work 8 hours a day? The more details of the workflow the better.


    Calls to tenants, workers, collecting rent, paying mortgage, finding new tenants, and the like. It’s not an 8 hour job unless you have 100 tenants.


    @meshuga1 how many hours would you say you work a week? How did you get into property management as a career?


    My friend does property management and told me he has to be involved in fixing issues with houses and apartment buildings etc … he manages and calling electricians or plumbers when issues come up that need repairs.

    That’s also part of being a property manager he told me and its not just office and paper work


    I work from 9-5 managing property.


    @meshuga1 you don’t specify which 8 hours in the day.
    @OP please clarify whether you are looking for information about working at a decent sized management company, or if you want information on starting off as the latest one man show in town?
    There is a huge difference between the two, given that as part of a larger team, responsibilities are divided up, and it may be possible (depending on the ethics of where you work, the deal you negotiate, how much you are able to stick up for yourself, etc.) to have a 9-5, whereas if you will be the sole operator until you can grow large enough to hire, just be aware that most tenants will call about issues (rent, appliances/heating/ac not working etc) during the hours they are in the unit experiencing the problem. And many of these issues (depending on jurisdiction obviously) may be legally required to be resolved, or at least a good faith effort to resolve it within a prescribed number of hours (again, varies by location).
    @ejmr it can be so much more than than picking up checks and scheduling move out inspections. It can be a two am call to an emergency service plumber or hvac company, it can be a ten pm call from the pd demanding you show up and allow them access to cctv so they can find which unit a kidnapper brought a child into.
    Not to discourage you from the field, but if some clueless recruiters are telling you that’s all it is, there so much more that it can be.


    @fakenews thanks for the insight. On an outset it appears these guys work 1 hour a day. It seems like a “job” you can only have if you grow up wealthy and tatty gives you some work.

    Eventually these yingle buy properties of their own and the cycle continues.


    How do you deal with issues on shabbos and yom tov if you are a sole operator? Do you explain to tenants about it? Do you hire a shabbos goy to handle the issues? You can provide phones for plumbers and electricians, but there are always issues that needs to be resolved.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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