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    …to also be opticians and opthamologists!

    Shopping613 🌠

    That makes sense…..


    so ur saying its the opposite of what you always thought..


    Well, that’s what they say about Baalei Gaava in general.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    HaleiVi- What sounds more gaivadig to you? “I think this should go in that corner” or “This would look much better in that corner, not a question it should go there” Which one has the “I” word?


    These weird random studies are actually something that interests me so I have read up on this one a bit. One thing I read that I wanted to add is: “Higher status people are thinking about what others should be doing while lower status people are worried about what they should be doing” I think that explains it a lot.

    Also, in the Wall Street Journal it lists the different experiments used to prove this study. Once I found particularly interesting: “The fifth study was the most unusual. Researchers looked at email communication that the U.S. government had collected (and translated) from the Iraqi military, made public for a period of time as the Iraqi Perspectives Project. They randomly selected 40 correspondences. In each case, the person with higher military rank used “I” less. “

    Thanks TAOM for bringing this up 🙂


    i thought this thread wld be about using I sentences to express emotions or criticism. ”it makes me unhappy when garbage isnt taken out” vs ” you make me unhappy when you dont take out the garbage”


    There’s the difference between Gaava and confidence.


    The word “I” tends to be used by less confident people for the following reasons:

    1. The royal “we” used by royalty and some others who consider themselves royal, though royalty uses it less nowadays.

    2. People with overblown egos tend to imagine themselves as representing the world, so they say “we” meaning “I and the less significant beings who inhabit this planet and surely agree with what I say because I’m right”.

    3. People who have friends and family actually use the word “I” less because they are with other people. They also tend to be more confident.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Ya but noone says, “Oh our favorite food is cabbage” or “we all think that you should shut up” cuz its weird and mean….

    I dont like talking for other people, so I will ussually say I, and lets say I was talking about something with a good friend that we didnt want the whole world to know about and I let slip that I was talking about ex. A group in my grade being bratty, so I dont say “Oh we, you know, me and _______ were saying..” no, i say “you know, me and someone”

    Also some girls dont have so many friends, I dont say in front of them “Oh ya, we got that at the mall yesterday” i say “I got it at the mall” cuz I don’t publisize to everyone person who my good friends are and how often Im with them and my not so good friends and how often im with them and so on….really.

    Why should the whole class know who Im most often with and that every shabbos Im with her cuz either she calls or I call her before to hang out…..

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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