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    if ur saying perek shira as a segula-do u have to say it b4 shikia? do u say the whole thing every day or just the perek for that day? do u have to say the tefillos b4 and after it for it to work? any1 know any of the minhagim?


    some hold it has to be before shkia. Ask YOUR rav!:)


    Does anyone know of a source for the segula of perek shira?


    Belev Echad

    can you say it only for one day, or do you have to say it regularly once you start?


    I thought your were aloud to say Perek Shira at night????


    thanks, ames


    I said perek shira for 40 days for a relative to get engaged and — on the 41st day we heard the mazal tov! I promised to publicize it, and this is a great forum to do so. Oif simchas by everyone!


    iy”h by e/o else trying the segula


    I have a bunch of friends were saying it for a eachother (they swapped names and davened for eachother). As the girls got engaged, they passed it on to their friends to say. Some did more than 1 or 2 cycles, b4 the beneficiary got engaged. the saying of it coincided wwith 4 girls engagements…

    Nothing can be subsituted for tefilla and hishtadlus not to mention real emuna and bitachon!


    I think the perek shira might be a good thing but it is getting a litle out of hand, soon there will be “shachris mincha perek shira” and while we are at it, it will be a chiuv to go to the kosel for 40 days.

    we got to remember a segula is a segula and not a chiyuv and not nessraly 100% nes.


    ames could you say wat happened because of perek shira that changed your life??????

    and i just started saying peek shira for 40 days, i have a few questions-

    1) if im saying it for 40 days consecutively, and i say it today before shkiya and tom after shkia is it as if i skipped a day???? or if i say it today after shkia than is it for tom or is it still considered today??

    2)do you have to say every day exactlly wat your sayin it for or every day or the first day is enough? ex. shidduch….

    3)do i just say the actual six prakim or r there any specific tefillos before or after that i have to say?


    if i forgot to say perek shira today, and i only sed it later tonight- like nine thirty…then can i count it as part of the forty days? or it was after shkiya already? please answer fast!!


    When I said Perek Shira for 40 days I was under the impression that it had to be said before shkiya, which, in this case means that it would not be counted as part of the 40 days. However, plse don’t only rely on me- I don’t know this for sure.


    What do you say on Shabbos


    Maybe you should say it without a Bracha.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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