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    Be Happy

    Did you read worse than sticks and stones? Awesome. What did you think?


    Summary please? I get Hamodia, so I don’t know what the artice was about.

    Be Happy

    This is a true story of 2 boys who were orphaned. They were brought up by a lady in N.Y. They married and had children and died as young fathers from cancer. The family had been cursed by someone who had been put to shame by their father. The lady who brought them up is raising funds to write a sefer torah in memory of that lady and the 2 brothers.


    Wow. No Yated online, eh? I recall someone humiliating me ten years ago as a teenager. It still hurts now when I think about it.


    Be Happy

    Very frightening. People need to be careful not to hurt others, and if you do get hurt try to be mochel, and at the least dont curse the person.

    I have heard other freaky stories like this one. Hashem Yishmereinu.


    Does embarrassing someone in the CR count?


    if you want to hear the story, the lady who brought them up spoke on chazak its story #87 i think, might be #86


    Whether that story is true or not there is a lesson to be learnt and it leads us back to the other threads on OTD. We can’t pick and choose our mitzvos. It is a true aveirah to hurt and humiliate another Jew. What do you think throwing a kid out of Yeshiva does? Does that not hurt and humiliate another Jew? How about the entire family? What about molesting a child? What about abusing a wife?

    There are many lessons to be learnt at this point in time. There are so many lessons on what we did wrong in the past 20 years. It is so easy to pat ourselves on the back and say LOOK how many men are learning to day? Look at all the mekomos we have built that are Learning centers? But why aren’t they saying “LOOK HOW MANY LIVES WE HAVE DESTROYED?????” You can’t measure your accomplishments by just your success you also have to take into account your failures.




    Now think about it from the perspective of the aggrieved party. The person thinks:

    ________ ruined my (Insert: shidduch, job, reputation, security, etc.) my life is altered forever. Even if one day EVERYTHING works out, __________ still altered the course of my life. Had I (Insert: gotten married earlier, stayed with the first company, gotten that specific job, had the stellar reputation I deserve, not been taken advantage of in some form, etc.) everything would have been different in life.

    Most people don’t brood 24/7/356 about their lives. Yet, when something goes wrong and they feel down, these are the thoughts they think about. When those thoughts are present, it is NOT good for _____________ who they are thinking about.

    Don’t be the ___________ in someone’s thoughts. Make sure that you NEVER cause a person’s life to be altered through your words, actions, or inactions.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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