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    Due to a I’ll family member in Jerusalem I will be forced to go there for Pesach. I am looking for a caterer or take out with a reliable Hasgacha (Rabbi Rubin preferred). Does anyone have any suggestions?


    There are many restaurants offering takeout and caterers in Yerushalayim with Badatz hashgacha . The problem is that most but not all of them remain open for Peseach. I can’t post the link but if you search online your will find an uppdated list and contact information for restaurants and caterers under Badatz Mehadrin (R’ Rubin). You will have to select several close to your location and contact them to see if they will be open for Pesach. Perhaps if you post the neighborhood where you will be staying, some of the local CR readers might have a recommendation.


    It’s very simple. Open Google and search for “mehadrin + caterers + jerusalem + pesach 2020”

    for more information, do the same search in Hebrew

    מהדרין + קייטרינג + ירושלים + פסח 2020

    Good luck

    The Frumguy

    Perhaps contact HaRav Rubin’s office directly. If anyone, they would know to whom they are giving Hashgacha during Pesach.

    from Long Island

    I have been going to Israel for Pesach for the last 15 years.

    A little info; Badatz (usually) DOES NOT give out hechsherim to places open on Pesach. Contact Rav Rubin’s office & ask for suggestions. I use a private caterer that was approved by my Chareidi kids (and we do not eat gebrokts – so we were very limited. Most caterers close their customer lists within a week after Purim, so you better get going !

    Much hatzlacha.


    To GadolHadorah
    Anywhere in Jerusalem would work for me. Do you have any solid advice?


    To chaim_boruch

    If it was so simple I would not be posting here


    To from Long Island

    Can you perhaps good be me the # of your private caterer?

    from Long Island
    Participant"> That is the email of the caterer I use. They are located in Sanhedria Me-uchedet.


    eli lev

    hamisadah hayehudit [ on rech. yirmiyahu.] under rav landau hechsher , which means rav landau and rav shevach rosenblat who r the rabanim of bn. brak together. get the menu and order and they deliver before pesach


    Sanhedria Murchevet
    Sanhedria Me-uchedet is a kupat cholim.

    It sounds like spending Pesach in Ir Hakodesh is some sort of punishment fraught with the threat of having to survive without food. I’d bet there are quite a few Jews in the city who know where to get food for Yom Tov, maybe even matzos.

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