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    Just curious. How many members started cleaning fr pesach already?? when do u start?

    my wife just started and i think this is way to early!!! How is the house ever gonna stay clean over purim???? if she continues at this pace we’ll be peasachdig three weeks early!!!!!


    My grandmother starts Pesach cleaning on Chanukah.


    Just be supportive, and don’t keep on telling her how it’s really not necessary. Praise her for being so organized and taking such wonderful care of your home.

    Especially if she works, it will make her calmer later on if she feels like she got an early start.

    You want a happy wife, she wants a clean house. You can both get what you want!


    i started cleaning for pesach already although not any major areas.

    If too uch gets left for the last minute, my adrenaline doesnt let me fall asleep at night until its all finished so id rather start early and keep a regular schedule.

    Also, for those of us wives who work full time out of the house, we have to start early or else there will physically not be enuf time to finish the whole house!!

    just let ur wife do her thing and maybe even offer to help out!!!


    Do NOT say the “P” word (not even if that word is Purim). I could use an extra month this year. Not fair. Where is that Adar Sheni when we need it? And I am one of the few women who looks forward to Pesach because she thinks Pesach is the greatest yom tov since sliced br.. er… matzah.

    I feel that Hurricane Sandy threw us all for a loop, and I don’t feel ready to face the Purim-Pesach season yet. But Hashem didn’t ask me my opinion, so I guess it’s time to start getting ready. Now.


    Some women, especially those who work or have other obligations out of the home, like to start Pesach cleaning early as it makes them feel calmer. Some women, especially those blessed with little kids who sprinkle cracker crumbs into every nook & cranny as soon as it is sterilized, like to start Pesach cleaning close to Bedikas Chametz. Some women for whom this is something new are not really sure what their plan is and may end up starting way too early or too late. Or both! Some women who have years of experience and have it all down to a science may find their plans disrupted by circumstances- a simcha, an illness, or like oomis (Good luck oomis!!!) a hurricane.

    Mr Koillel1 I have one word of advice for how to handle your curiousity about how and when we all manage to clean for Pesach: Help! Help your wife as much as you can and you”ll be too busy to be curious.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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