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    So I was doing Pesach deliveries for an org (to poor families) in the dead of night – me, and a few guys.

    When we come close to a house, I turn of my headlights, and drive quietly- two guys jump out, leave the boxes by the doorstep, and run to the car, and we drive away. within seconds.

    So one night, I get close to a house, and a teenage neighbor stands at the edge of his lawn and watches me, my headlights turned off. He doesn’t budge, just stares and smirks. I wait parked for a minute, and he’s still there, like he knows.

    So, I have a long list, and not all night, so I drive up to him, get out of the car, and say, “You know what we’re doing here, so get the heck out of here, and keep your mouth shut.”

    I asked ppl. if it was the right thing, and they just shrug.

    What do you think?


    If he was smirking I would have said you should be happy it isn’t you parnassah is a galgal hachozer maybe next year we will be delivering to you and not to him. Very disgusted that people can be so cruel to a neighbor on hard times.


    I don’t think he had any idea what you were doing. He was probably just curious because you were being so “black-ops”. But then he probably figured it out.


    He knew

    A van full of boxes, Erev Pesach, 12pm, a smirk on his face…

    no question about it.


    You failed covert ops 101. Take care of any unintended witnesses.



    Next time use a tranquilizer gun with a silencer and take him out. Navy seal style.


    I’m sorry to inform you that Shabak will not be in need of your services. Meanwhile, Tizku l’mitzvos!

    Ctrl Alt Del

    Ha Ha Squeak!!! Throw an onion bag over the guys head, shove him into the back of a nondescript KRM delivery van. Drive out to Monsey and leave him at Rockland Kosher!!!


    He should not be allowed to exist near poor people, since they may get offended.

    But seriously, you did the right thing. There’s a chance that it will be a positive and little chance that it will be negative.

    verapoi yerapei

    Definitely did the right thing. A swift kick would have been nice too!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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