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    Since Pesach is almost here, I thought that it would be wise to start a post to share pesach preparation tips. How do you manage to cook everything if you do not have a Pesach kitchen?


    I get my kitchen turned over about a week before Pesach (I know there are many who do even far more in advance). But the truth is I still like FRESH food made shortly before Pesach, so the important stuff is done the day or so at most, before. I might bake and freeze during that week. Mostly, I just want my kitchen set up, so it’s not a balagan when I AM ready to actually cook.

    Also, once I get things clean, I only keep Pesach-friendly nosh around, so even if there is a mess, it is not chometzdig.


    I turn my kitchen over in term vacation time. I prepare all the side dises.. charosess, kugels, cakes icecreams, etc…etc.. I turn it back over to chametz and just a few days before pesach I turn it back into pesaach mode again. I have done this before just about every year… and I find it very affective. that way it’s not an overwhelming last min job. I like everything to be perfect. evth that I prepare goes into the spare freeezer.

    my house is pesach cleaned practically all year round. I just give it a good spring clean and were all good! I also like to wash my pesach things, tablecloths, tea towels, afikomen bags..etc.. mid year so that they don’t smell musty from sitting in the cupboard all year come pesach.. and I polish all the silver 3 times a year so I don’t have to worry about it so much last minute.. come seder night everything is sparkling sqeaky clean. I love it!

    Shticky Guy

    Those who begin early are asking for trouble. So many shaalos come each year when people try to cook both chometz and pesachdig at the same time. Best is to change over completely before doing major pesach cooking. We BH have a pesach kitchen but even so my wife only begins cooking a day or two before pesach – she likes fresh food!

    Pesach cleaning: RULE #1. If you have been blessed with young children, believe me there is no such thing as ‘oh there probably is no chametz in there’. Forget it. Chametz is found on a constant basis in the most unimaginable of places. RULE #2 Crumbs are not chametz. Dont give yourself unnecessary work if it means missing out in the end by not managing things that are necessary or that make a difference.


    we are usually away for the entire pesach, so i only clean one room and do the bedika in there, and then we sell everything else. this year we will be home for the second days, as i am due a few weeks after pesach and dont really want to be too far from the hospital. i had my cleaning lady come 1 extra day a week for 2 hours starting a few weeks ago, and we are slowly cleaning everything together. my bedrooms are done, and today she is doing my linen closet and bathroom, and then i will be done. she comes anyway twice a week, and no one takes food upstairs, so im not worried. (i asked, and was told this is fine, because she cleans anyway twice a week so if they DO manage to get chametz upstairs it will get cleaned up) the next major project is going to be cleaning out my storage shelves in the garage so i have a place to put everything from my kitchen and basement (i plan to do this with my husband on sunday) and then i will do the basement/playroom with my cleaning lady next week. my kitchen will not be turned over until the sunday before- i dont have any cooking to do, and i am getting new everything for my oven and stove, so it wont be THAT hard.

    i started early because i know from past experience that the last few months of preganncy can be very hard for me, and i didnt want to leave all the cleaning until i had no energy left.


    ‘scuse me! Purim comes first!!!


    The main thing when it comes to Pesach preparations , to try being thought out , organized, it really works.


    We change over a week before and then have MARATHON cooking sessions. We’re away for half of Pesach usually so it’s not SO much but it’s still a lot.

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