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    We bought before yuntiv some dried meats in the Rockland Kosher supermarket. I don’t know which section they came from and as far as I can tell they don’t have any pesach hasgacha, except for a stick which says “Beis Yosef SP”. Does anyone know if this is a hasgacha for pesach? Help!


    No I dont believe it is kosher lpesach. I think i saw a sign that said it is NOT for pesach. The sticker just means that it is Beis Yosef hashgacha.


    SP is a Monsey euphemism for ‘special processing’ = Bais Yosef.

    It has nothing to do with Pesach as it is around all year.

    If you’re talking about the vacuum packed ‘smoked’ dried salami-like sticks, that section is covered up for Pesach. I was in the store yesterday. (They’re are good and come in various ‘flavors’.) Youcan phone the store at 845.425.2266 .

    If you’re desparate for dried salami, Monsey Glatt has mild dried salami which maybe good for Pesach. They hang at the back end, far left of the fresh meat showcase if you’re facing it, near the fish. You should check on it’s appropriateness for Pesach. It would be covered if not OK. If it’s OK it would have a KP on the tag, or some other indication about Pesach.


    This is a problem every year in every store. The pesach isles are open as well as the chometz isles. The refrigerator is mixed with Pesach and non-pesach products with a sign that everyone should check the labels. This is very confusing but much easier for the store than separating sections for Pesach two or three weeks early. It would be more beneficial for the Olam if stores would NOT put out Pesachdik products until they divided the fridge, separated the isles, and put the Pesach signs up.

    It is better to deligate one fridge and post a sign “Passover Only” for those who do not wish to check every label, such as children shopping for their moms or even husbands who are NOT used to shopping. And NOT put end of the isle Passover products in any other place than the Passover isles because it confuses the Olam when one end has Passover specials and inside the isle has chometz or the next isle end has chometz.


    We cannot rely on stores to make sure we only purchase kosher l’Pesach foods.

    Let’s say a store has dedicated Pesach aisles and refrigerator/freezer cases and they are careful when they stock the shelves and they verify that the Pesach order really contains only Pesach food and everything is great before the first customer walks in – who is responsible for making sure a “helpful” shopper doesn’t put something back in the wrong section?

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