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    We are up to the Heiliga Yom Tov Pesach. Finally after all the hard work! But do we ever think what the lesson of this yom tov is?? Lets explore more… The jews in egypt worked hard! they where slaves! and finally hashem took them out… the makkahs.. if you think into that! that was really amazing! and when hashem made kriyas yom suff! he could of just make a ness kill all metzriyem ! Why did hashem make the jewish people go into the water untill they almost drowned? and then finally split the water for them. This is a Big lesson hashem wanted to teach all the generations that follow. There is gonna be days in Gullis the jews will feel like they are drowning and they don’t see any help! Remember hashem can do things that u think is impossible!! This is the big lesson! for us! we gotta be strong and have bituchin in hashem then, e/t will be good…. O freilicha & kushera pesach…. Let’s hope for moshiach really soon.


    Thank you that was just what I wanted to hear now 🙂


    very nice lesson! thank you for sharing!



    your very welcome! I thought i would share this.. cuz it gave me some chizuk!


    G-d is involved in our National Destiny in our generation.

    Shortly after the holocaust (the reasons for we will never understand in this world) we were given back sovereignty in Eretz Yisroel. Recently the high tech boom has greatly strengthened the economy there.

    On Purim 1953 the evil Stalin who had a plot to deport all the Jews in what was then the USSR was struck down with a final terminal stroke. 4 days later he joined Nevuchadnezer, Titus and Hitler.

    On the 3rd night of Pesach 1986 the Soviet Union began its final meltdown (Chernobyl). Unfortunately, it was associated with a lot of human suffering and that is why 3 of the 16 drops are removed from our wine cups. (Dam VaEsh ViTimrot Ushun refer to events close to the final redemption.)


    I really enjoyed these D”T. Yasher Koach.


    Very inspiring.


    Does anyone here, by any chance, sing “Nunbau dein Temple shira!” besides for us? Its something about building the BHM”K speedily.


    Mepal: That is the German translation of the Nirtza song, Adir Hu.

    We should all try to put our personal PETTY/ Sinas Chinam differences behind us and join b’achdus to help bring the geulah quicker.

    tomim tihye

    Mepal- Like artchill said, that means “Yivneh baiso b’karov”.

    Me be your pal!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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