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    I will be leading a seder this year for less afiliated Jews with little to no seder experience. Can anyone suggest a english Hagadah where I can glean get easy Hagadah thoughts and nice Pesach stories to keep these folks interested and even entertained?


    The Secrets of the Haggadah by Matisyohu Glazerson.

    In addition to his wonderful insights, this Haggadah strictly follows Nusach Ashkenaz.


    Lighting Up The Night is a nice Haggadah. It’s by Artscroll I think. Has hebrew words on the cover: ???? ???? ????.

    The Artscroll Family Haggadah also


    I really like Torah Tavlin it’s got short easy divrei torah, mashalim, remazim, stories etc


    These people had no Pesach experience, so the whole Seder thing is new to them. You don’t need to say anything more than what it says in the Haggadah. They will not be able to sit too long on an empty stomach anyway.

    Introduce them to the Seder and explain the different Simanim in your own words. Next year they will be more ready to schmooze longer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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