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    please post divrei torah for pesach


    If you are leading a seder, remember:

    It is a specific Mitzvah of ‘Vehigadetah Levincha’

    You have a Mitzvah to talk to your children.

    Have you thought about what you want to say to them?

    Don’t just show up on pesach night and say the same 7 Divrei Torah you said for the last 15 years.

    Prepare, teach, inspire!

    Happy Pesach

    My .02

    Charosses must be of a thick consistency symbolic of the cement we were forced to mix. One ingrediant of charosses is apples to remind us of H-shem’s kindness- woman in child birth would hide in the apple orchards to evade detection by the Metzriyim, who were killing all male babies. H-shem made the labor painless so the Mitzriyim wouldn’t hear them, and then hid the infants undergound and fed them etc.

    Question- We eat marror to remind us of the bitter experience and drink wine , lean etc. to commemorate the subsequent freedom, why by charosses do we mix in the apple-it seems out of place?

    Answer (based on Sifsei Chaim- R’ Chaim Freidlander zt’l)

    Even in the bitter galus, H-shem loves us, watches over us , protects us- Yes it’s a time of din,we are being punished, but we are always His children

    The remarkable thing about this particular chessed is that it was performed for us DURING the shibud-the enslavement- not after-it is only fitting that we commemorate this by combining the apples with the charosses. This is one of many things for which we must be makir tov by the seder, and reaffirm our loyalty and love for H-shem. We are still in galus, and we need just look around and we will see H-shem’s great kindness to us.


    My .02 –

    nice thought, I just want to add one point – you said, “Charosses must be of a thick consistency symbolic of the cement we were forced to mix.”

    Keep in mind that Tosafos points on ??”? , based on a yerushalmi, that Charosses starts out thick but you need to add wine to it before the tibul (you can’t dip anything into a thick mixture) and this is zecher l’dam (the blood of the Jews). This strengthens Rav Freidlander’s idea of Hashem’s chesed in the midst of our suffering.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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