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    1)the gemara has a shailah about dates that fall on Shabbos: are they muktzah because thy were unfit for human consumption when Shabbos started, or are they permitted because they were edible for the ravens, so they aren’t muktzah. We bring a proof from a cow that dies on Shabbos, that was edible for humans before Shabbos and is edible for dogs now. My Question is that the two cases are non similar, because not only were the dates prepared for ravens before Shabbos, they are still edible for ravens now.

    2) the gemara says that the inhabitant of Yericho were wrong for giving peah on vegatables, because no maser was taken off. My question is, what difference does it make if its mechuyav in peah or not, in both cases he is mafkir it when he makes it peah, and its patur from maser.

    3)Your freezer breaks on Friday night. Inside are frozen lamb chops, french roast, chicken cutlets, hot dogs, salmon steaks, and a $200 cut of Kobe Whag-Yu steak. What can be moved to a working freezer, if anything? Would you act differently if the above scenario occurred on Shabbos afternoon?


    1) The status of Muktzah is determined at the onset of Shabbos. Current considerations of its status on Shabbos do not affect its Muktzah status.

    2) This is an excellent question. Tosfos DH Ela at the top of Nun Zayin asks it and gives two answers (Ayin Sham, or ask me for details if you have difficulty).

    3) Sorry, can’t help you there. First of all, I do not know what all of those things are. Second of all, it is definitely not on the Daf!


    for question #2 its no problem their peah was not a good peah according to the chachamim (leaves do not fall into the same category as the turnips themselves) since no peah was chal so the leaves have a din of a regular vegetable and its chaiv in maasros


    It is a very good question. See Tosfos.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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