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    It’s always good to be upbeat and feel great. The thread with the regard to that subject is very inspiring.

    However, we are human, and by nature there are always things or habits that we cannot stand. Maybe we will be able to learn something.

    I get very annoyed when people rub on suede material, or scratch a blackboard.

    What annoys you?(characteristics included)


    oh boy do i got a bunch

    here they are in no real order

    1-when a restaurant has 2 bathrooms you know the type you have at home just a toilet and sink. why they label one mens and one women??? cmon!! i gotta go!! label one bathroom one and the other bathroom 2! no reason to restrict a private bathroom to one gender!

    2-some of the posts here are crazy people do you actually beleeve what u write? if you do that is sad.

    3-mods who take their power way way waayyyyy!!! to seriously lighten up and please someone get 72 a backrub or something the mod could use one

    4-frum people who act with a cents of intitlement sp? entitlement maybe? anyway you guys bring the most chillul hashem into earth. stop acting like we r not in galus cuz we r!!

    5-people who walk past and dont wish a good shabbos

    good shabbos 🙂

    frum not crum

    bda speling & “pucntuatn and, misplcaed cmmaz!


    6-ppl who try to teach grammer to me in the summer this is vacation!! i no gotta lern


    1. People who go slower than me on highways- this ain’t the parking lot!

    2. People who go faster than me on highways- Are they nuts?! This ain’t the Autobahn!


    Things that annoy me…hmmmm…?

    Well, I absolutely cannot stand it when educated people mispronounce certain words or use words totally incorrectly. It’s NU-CLE-AR – not nucular! I feel better now…

    I have a couple of other things, like drivers who turn or change lanes without signalling, people who needlessly keep you waiting on line at a store when they clearly have no idea what they want to order, etc, but on balance, I am not easily irritated or quick to get angry about stuff. Life is too short to waste on negativity.

    Oh yeah, one more things really grinds my gears – people who are mean-spirited and nasty to each other. How about we try a little ahavas chinam.

    Goldie (and everyone else) HAVE A GREAT SHABBOS!


    BACK SEAT DRIVERS!!! How did I forget that??


    People who ‘masser’ (squeelers)

    an ‘Echod Bepeh Ve’echod be lev’



    the yetzer horahs almost complete victory in making us forget the Kedushah of the Beis Medresh and Bais Kneses

    eg blackberries, cellphones, kalas rosh, shmoozing about sports, politics, news, and other shtoosim and dvorim sh betailim.


    My pet peeve is when posters in the CR, attack other posters, “that the rabbis don’t allow internet and how come they are on the internet??” Oh come on now, you’re doing the same thing by being on the internet yourselves!!

    Be Happy

    I dont like when people say “he goes” and really mean “he said”.

    Some people add after every few words to their conversation “you know” or “Do you undersand?”

    YW Moderator-72

    moderators who moderate faster than me and leave me nothing to moderate


    1) People who say that they leave their shirts “tucked out.” It’s either tucked in or untucked.

    2) Drivers who shortstop. URGH!

    3) Drivers who don’t turn on their lights at night. Or those who leave on their brights.

    4) People who sing off-key annoy me. Sorry.

    5) These aint pet peeves – they’re a nuisance and a danger: Drivers who neglect to stop at stop signs; drivers who speak on cell phones; moms who wheel their baby carriages in the street while they stay on the sidewalk to wait for traffic to stop; moms who cross the street barely holding on to their children while speaking on their cellphones; parents who let their children ride their bikes in the street (no matter how quiet it is or how small the development, it’s plain wrong!); parents who constantly leave their children outside playing on their own with no one watching…

    I can go on and on….


    I hate people who are negative. Why do they have to be so negative? Why must they always kvetch out loud and bring everyone down with their kvetches and why can’t they be positive like me- I never complain but these folks are worth complaining about and boy do I hate them and by the way the pizza I just bought was a really small slice who do they think they are and…


    Fat guys looking for thin girls.

    yossi z.

    people saying what i wanted to say (taking the words out of my my mouth)


    People with pet peeves 😉


    People who mix up the words “who” and “that” when referring to people and objects. “Who” refers to a person as in “the guy who davened for the amud today really annoys me”. “That” refers to objects as in “the thing that is buzzing is really annoying me” (as opposed to the man who is buzzing at the amud)


    It bothers me when I need to turn the page in my siddur or bencher in the middle of kiddush or tachnun (when my head is on my arm)

    Does this bother anyone else?


    I get bothered by snobby people that walk with their noses in the air..I live in quite an upscale neighborhood and I have some neighbors that are very intimidating.

    ex: I was walking with 2 neighbors (and our babaies) to the gym (the gym has babaysitting). One looks at the other and says, “there is no room for 3 carriages on the side walk” and she gave me a side glance. Naturally, of course i walked ahead. But u see what I mean…


    People who forward email “warnings” without checking the authenticity


    The e-mail warning issue is a pet peeve of mine, too. I always go to to check on its veracity.

    YW Moderator-72

    add the text warnings to the email warnings…


    Those are worse if you don’t have unlimited texting


    lox, how about when people walk right by you and don’t wish you a good sunday, or monday, or hi there neighbor, nod. why is shabbos different?


    mazal i am soooooo with you

    talk about no life watsoever


    1. When people don’t put on their blinkers

    2. When people chew with their mouth open

    3. The sound of chewing gum (especially when they crack it)

    4. Snobby people

    5. When girls drive their daddys cars cuz they think their cool.

    6. ***DELETED***

    7. When people don’t answer their phones because their ‘not in the mood’

    8. Sarcasim

    9.Humid weather that ruins my hair

    10. Cars that have velvet seats

    11.I can go on 🙂


    Mods: u took #6 in the wrong way.

    …and that is why it was deleted. It is not only the mods that can read multiple meanings into seemingly simple statements. YW Moderator-72


    Mod 72: true, I shouldve known


    shaatra – “7. When people don’t answer their phones because their ‘not in the mood'”

    Is there an obligation for someone to answer their phone? I believe a phone is generally answered at the pleasure of the owner, unless other conditions exist.

    How about people who mix up there, their, and they’re?


    My pet peeve is people who click on “Send” before they’re really finished typ


    When people answer the phone when they’re not in the mood. It’s annoying. I’d rather leave a message.


    72, aren’t you happy you got to mod something? 😉

    as for one of my pet peeves, (drumroll), people who have a “holier than thou” attitude. (I think that might be a repeat.)


    Interesting, coming from someone who gave herself the title of “Queen”


    * People who don’t wash their hands WITH SOAP after changing their baby’s diaper (especially #2).

    * Garbage cans that are overflowing. Change the bag already!

    * Unprofessional custormer service.

    There are so many more…



    Cherrybim: I really meant when people don’t answer texts…. But yes its annoying when people don’t answer the phone. Its annoying to me because I usually never call people, I text them. (For good reasons) and when I do call someone because its urgent its VERY annoying when they don’t answer!


    Ugh! That’s another pet peeve. When I type words wrong and then I can’t fix their spelling…customer…

    Another one is when people call all different types of pasta “noodles”. It makes me want to scream. It’s ziti, penne, sphaghetti, fettucini…It’s not noodles!

    Ya, I hate when people don’t use their noodles… – YW Moderator-42


    When people try to make noodles sound more elegant by calling it different names according to its shape and size, like ziti, penne, spaghetti, fettucini…

    Just kidding, Jewess :).


    here’s mine at the moment, when i see this thread & remember moish’s thread just like this never made it through! ;-( and then there’s a thread of mine that was just like this that made it though months later by a different member & different mod! ;=(


    people who drive really really slow on the left lane of a 3-4 lane highway! hello move over if you plan on driving at snail pace! (i’m not talking about speeding here..)

    YW Moderator-72

    people who log on under multiple screen names using diff IPs and giving away their cover by mixing and matching the IPs. although it might seem like a pleasant path for the user to do this, it is not a straight path.


    Mosquito buzzing in my ear while I am trying to fall asleep.

    The quiet and deprssed feeling of the 9 days, (not to mention the excessive aggravation of what transpired this past week)

    Insects flying over food at an outdoor restaraunt

    Dead bugs seen in swimming pools

    garlic breath

    people who dont fargin (thats must be the worst)

    dirty dishes which pile up in a sink(ugh!, why cant one just rinse out the dish directly after using it?


    Heavy people who complain about their weight while licking ice cream(yes, i have heard it)

    Ordering a pizza with a diet coke(not a pet peeve but difficult to understand)

    Peole who dont know when to quit……….


    I find it really annoying when I am sitting in a taxi and the meter is on and the taxi driver is taking his time, we get stuck behind all the red lights and all the while the meter is moving up and up and up…I CRINGE IN MY SEAT!!

    Another thing that annoys me is when people answer beeps while I am in middle of talking to them. Talk to one person at time, when u hang up u can call back the pple that beeped in.


    Hate it when the phone rings on Shabbos,

    Dont like it when people who recieve the most basic compliment,play the modesty card as if they were a potential Nobel Prize Winner, when in fact what they did was nothing major.


    Nameless, About your non-pet peeve:

    “Ordering a pizza with a diet coke(not a pet peeve but difficult to understand)”

    The person might be diabetic.

    anon for this

    Some people actually prefer the taste of diet coke.



    Assuming he is not diabetic and ordering diet coke because if he would drink regular he would gain even more.


    – People that don’t wait for pedestrians to cross

    – People that cross in the middle of the street and against the light (honk horn, squealing of breaks)… They keep walking, in another world.

    – Obvious grammar and/or vocabulary mistakes (I’m no maven, but the basics… just the basics.)

    – People that misconstrue what you say to suit themselves (never fails)

    – When people don’t absorb, notice or see things- the world just passes them by.

    – When people don’t talk straight or honestly (aka funfoning)

    Areivim, I think HaQer must be peeved at this post! (ans so is nameless)


    ‘Obvious grammar and/or vocabulary mistakes (I’m no maven, but the basics… just the basics.)’


    People WHO dont wait for pedestrians to cross


    Just thought I would correct that, 🙂


    yessir- but that’s past basics 😉


    Its m’aam, and I guesse whats considered ‘basic’ is relative to each individual:-)

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