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    Is having a pet halachiclly permissable? If so,rather get a fish or a bird?


    I am not a posek but i am just curious what type of pet do u hav?


    Permissible? Sure. You can be Mekayem the Mitzva of feeding your animals before you eat. I’m not sure if a fish is included in that Mitzva.

    A bird is more of an animal. You can relate to it more. A fish is quieter and a nice fish tank adds beauty to the house. Pick your choice.


    The Torah says you must feed your animals and pets before you eat. So yes you are allows to own pets and are even encouraged to do so because you will get an extra mitzvah in feeding them before yourself.

    Side note- if you plan on getting a bird or a fish, then don’t waste your time


    I am thinking of buying a goldfish. Do you know if that is permissable/?


    We asked our Rov and he said it is muttar to have a dog but it’s just not “done”.


    We have found that a dog has added an enormous amount of joy and pleasure, not to mention exercise to our life. Walks take place three times a day except on Shabbat when she is happy to play in our garden, and wait for a long hike motzei shabbat. She knows when Shabbat comes in as we give her a special treat! I no longer go to the gym, and find having a dog is a great way to keep trim and healthy.

    Have met other frum dog walkers out and about, we are a minority but no one has told us its not the done thing, our Rabbi has popped in to meet our pet and introduce her to his kids!. People often ask if they can bring their kids over to teach them how to behave around dogs, sad to see young kids unnecessarily frightened around an animal.

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