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    Any phrummies going to Phish?


    I’d love to see them, but they aren’t coming to my area any time soon. They are one of the best jam-bands. I’m hoping to see Machine Head in around a month.

    Bar Shattya

    Mod alert. Mod alert. goys in the coffee room. shkutzim in the coffee room. jothar save us. jooooooooothhaaaaaaaaaaaarrr. or tim tebow because today is tim tebows birthday b/c tim tebow is jesus.


    Mah zeh?


    Ewww…unwashed thanks!

    I would probably rather go with @MiddlePath to see Machine Head.

    Oh and @MiddlePath, I pulled the trigger and picked up the Ampeg PF500 and the matching 2×10 Cabinet!!


    cleverjewishpun, nice! Congrats on the purchase! Any news with the pedal board? And that’s funny about the unwashed hippies! Quite true…I think I’ll stick to just listening to their albums.

    ☕️coffee addict

    it’s too cold to go fishing (can’t even go ice fishing)



    I picked up a new pedal tuner so what I am going to do is run the tuner through the tuner out loop.

    During gigs where I’m going to use my wireless unit i will use an extra long cable so I can keep the pedal receiver as far away as possible.

    But for the near future I will be using the new 25 foot Monster cable I got.


    cleverjewishpun, that’s good, but I thought you didn’t want a pedal tuner?

    Nice choice on the Monster cable. I’m gonna be replacing mine the next time I go to Guitar Center. I also need a few new drum sensors, they wear out pretty quickly, unfortunately. Maybe I’m just playing too rough. But it’s hard to be gentle when you’re playing ‘Down With the Sickness’..



    Yeah DTWS is going to be very rough on your drums. I still remember seeing that song live at The Metro before that record came out…sold out show before the world knew who they were.

    I’m ok with the pedal tuner on second though, I think it was just the actual board I was using and the daisy chain power cable that was giving me problems. I’m going to try the new setup for all of January and if it works then I will keep it.

    Yeah I got a good deal on the cable so I decided to go for it.


    cleverjewishpun, sweet! I’m sure they played with the same intensity then as they do now. Their shows are so full of energy.

    Good luck with the new setup!


    oh my oh MY! UNWASHED phrum hippies in the CR! NOw the truth comes out…i know all about you people because….well…never mind. I am frum now.


    So anyone up for minyanim at the waterwheel tent during Phish’s set break?



    Ignorance must be bliss, but leads to being transparent.

    For those who have an ear for music or are musicians, Phish happens to be very talented. Of course, no one can touch their mentors, the Grateful Dead, all maestros in their own right.

    The fact that people come out with their stereotypical insults, based on zero experience, only shows that when you point a finger at someone, there are four more pointing back at you.

    Gimme a break! lol


    BTGuy are you an ex-deadhead? I remember when Jerry died, one of our friends said, ” its a good thing because now everyone can grow up and stop touring and join the real world”.

    I would seriously feel bad and feel its a tumadigge environment to do a minyan in a Phish concert. After all what do they represent? What is torahdigge about them? That one band member is Jewish? OR a few more? Its a mixed seating, its pritzus dress code, its smoking marijuana.

    One needs to leave behind the tuma when they de-cloak from the world and enters the frum life. Other wise its like toiveling in the mikveh, meanwhile holding a reptile in their hand- at the same time.

    I saw on Youtube once a ‘jerusalem kitchen’ with minyan at a Rainbow Gathering. This is a problem because we are like trying to have both worlds. We’re bringing our yiddishkeit to a hippie festival? And hoping to practice amongst all their shticks? Doesn’t fly. Stick around Williamsburg or boropark.


    Anyone wanna please explan to me what this is??


    This is a thread who would be understood by hippies.

    Phish is a rock band that looks and sounds like the Grateful Dead which was a band from the 1960’s on drugs.


    Scissors: Is there anything Assur about going to the concert (I think there is, but that’s a separate issue)? If someone have a valid P’sak to go, then why shouldn’t they make a Minyan?


    oy, seriously Sam2, just phathoming the idea turns my stomach.

    I am serious. Why bring yiddish kiet to a concert? If you want holiness and spirituality you aint gonna find it at a Phish Concert. And if you think you have, then you won’t find it in Torah.

    They are anti-thesis to one another.


    been there done that.


    Hi always runs with scissors.

    I am not an ex-Deadhead. I will always remain one. lol

    I remember when Jerry was niftar and it was shocking. What a shame, and what a huge loss.

    It would be an understatement to say I love them and miss the band with Jerry immensely. Bobby and Phil and Mickey and Bill are still like family and I try to see them when I can as The Dead, although I have not seen them as Further.

    I can also add the lyrics of Robert Hunter are as poetic and mystical as any you will ever find

    Don’t get me

    As musicians, they are all maestros in their own right. Their songs are timeless and filled with lessons and wonder like no other band. Basically, they are a “band beyond description”. lol

    They have a way of hitting the spot like no other band, ever.

    Okay, dont get me started.. lol

    Just a note, I dont think it is difficult to be Jewish at “hippie” events. There are many similarities that start with respect for freedom to be and think as you like. In fact, I find it very comforting to find other frum people at Dead related shows because it is like being at home with two groups of people at once.

    You know, in many ways the Dead had a role in moving me to where I am today. They kind of put me on the path of getting in touch with my heart and soul and seeking and wonder and possibilities about being alive, which added to me seeking the Torah to complete and satisfy that yearning.


    Scissors: Just because it didn’t work for you doesn’t mean that’s true of everyone else. Everyone is different and some people find their inspiration different ways.


    Ok Ok I know where you’re coming from. I actually lived amongst “them” in a state in a place that well, just suffice it to say its very well known the hippie community there.. but I dont want to say. THats also where I got in “touch” and was moved to the path I am on as well, exactly just as you put it. I understand. The point now being that I don’t miss it, or regret letting go. in fact i get anxious watching any of the dancing or music festivals on youtube that go with it. It brings a tuma into my house and heart.

    I see it as a stepping stone to the level i am on now. But its definately not “where its at”. WHat age range are you and were you around the shows in the early 90’s?


    Hi always runs with scissors fast.

    You dont have to answer, and I will totally respect your decision to not answer, but are you implying you grew up in the Rainbow family or similar commune?

    In my preteen and after days, I was steeped in the Kesey, prankster, yippie revolution mindset of the world and found it to be both a brilliant world at best, yet problematic with every Tom, Dick, and Harry jumping on the bandwagon not for the intellectual or cultural reasons.

    You must be the most unique person I have come across in any world. To genuinely know of the counter-cultural (truly different in real life than how it is looked upon by outsiders) world and now Torah, makes you a hugely intriguing person.

    I dont think there is anyone (other than me, to a lesser degree lol) quite like you.

    There are so many questions I want to ask, but I dont want to take up too much space with them or invade your privacy.


    bt yeah me too. ok ask


    So, ok to answer the questions you already posted, No I didn’t come from Rainbow people. LOL I grew up in suburbia, and went normally to a clean public school. I then rebelled as a teenager and early 20 something and “found them”. I started with tour and the GD and then met up with the older kind of people who were settled and had land or a lot and a “little house” in the country types. Someone gave me a house to live in.

    I knew some of the people from The Farm, and such Gaskin types.

    My friend use to joke her name was Mountain Girl. “you’re either on or off the bus”. (kesey and them).

    Its good (for me at least) not to even talk about it. Or mention these names. Its over. It has no holiness. It was steeped in whatever.

    Over. Next.

    But I do have funny stories from those times. You’ll just have to wait for the book.


    HI always runs with scissors fast.

    I respect your view that those things are over with. I am still very curious, since I know that scene very well, as to why the total “disownership”, but I respect your privacy on that and no need to articulate those thoughts and feelings. They are personal, and I understand.

    On another note, I will wait for your book and read with great interest lol.

    Keep me posted.

    : D

    always here

    BTGuy~ please be advised that there are others posting here who are also ‘unique’, lol.

    signed~ was @ Woodstock (up front), now 60 yrs. old & listens to rock ‘n roll every day except during The 3 Wks., S’fira, & Shabbos. ;-D


    Hi always here.

    While I was too young to go to Woodstock, I was in the Catskills at the time stringing But I was there in spirit and wish I coulda been there.

    I can only imagine what it was like to be there. You must have some stories to tell!

    And you had to rub it in that you were up front. Just dont tell me you saw Jimi. Forget it..all of them…. CSN, Country Joe, Santana, Richie Havens, Alvin Lee, Jefferson Airplane..dont get me started… lol

    Nice to meet you! : D

    always here

    BTGuy~ yes, almost all of them (except a very few Sunday night).. yes, Jimi.

    yes, stories..

    have a great personal story w/ Pigpen backstage @ a 1971 City College concert of The Dead, The Allman Brothers, & The Youngbloods (sorry, not for here).

    no regrets!!



    I have a gig Saturday night with the new set up.

    We’re doing a 75 minute set featuring our best material

    I’m excited to hear how I sound with the new rig and some new strings!


    Hi always here.

    That does it! lol

    Jimi at Woodstock AND Pig Pen backstage in 1971? I fold; I turn in my cards! lol.

    I am particularly fond of the Dead during the era up to 71′. Pig Pen’s Hammond Organ and Jerry’s intensely psychedelic guitar riffs. Europe ’72 is awesome too; different sound than the prior, even Warlock years. It’s all great!

    You mentioned the Allmans, and I suppose that was when Duane was around. What about Watkins Glen? Ok…we can go on you know.. lol

    Those were interesting and unique times. It’s good to dust off those strings once in a while and make ’em shine.

    Now we are truly on the golden road to unlimited devotion; Torah. It doesn’t get any better!


    always here


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