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    I sent this letter to the phone company I purchased a new phone from. After sending this letter and not receiving any response, I returned to the store and then sent the phone in for repair a fourth time. Of course, nothing came out from that. I am still using a phone that only lasts for 2-3 hours.

    Any advice, suggestions you can provide me would be greatly appreciated!


    Here is the letter:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    On September 4, 2013 (4/9/13), I purchased` a Nokia C2-01 for 415 NIS cash from ………….., ……. Branch. (I am not a …………..)

    After using the phone a couple of days, I noticed that the battery would die after only about 3 hours! I purchased a new battery and it too only lasted a short period of time. I used both batteries on a different phone and they both lasted a full working day.

    Three weeks later I received a call that my phone was ready. I picked it up and used it a number of days. Again, the battery only lasted about 3 hours before needing to be recharged. I went back to the store and requested a brand new phone. Why should a brand-new-repaired phone not work properly? There is something wrong with this phone!

    Again I was told that it has to go for repair! Another 3 weeks go by and I pick up my phone. SURPRISE!! The battery only lasts 3 hours or less!!!

    Once again, I went back to the store and was once again told that the phone must go to repair! Three weeks later I received my phone back and of course, there was no change! The battery only lasted a very short time!

    I bought this phone three months ago. Out of those three months, I had the phone a combined total of only three weeks! Three times this phone went to repair and three times it returned with absolutely NO results! I had to spend time, effort and money for a broken product that was claimed to be new!

    I am requesting that ………….. refund me the full amount for this phone.


    Please note, I do not use the phone for internet or e-mail. Nor do I use bluetooth, games, music player etc. I basically use it to call and receive calls.


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    If the phone was purchased with a credit card, call the credit card company and try to get your money back through them.


    maybe go to a phone repair shop. theres one on malachi off malchei yisrael, cud be its worth paying a little to avoid the whole issue


    maybe go to a phone repair shop

    So, I took the phone to a repair shop and gave it in. He said he will try. Picked it up and he told me that he didn’t find anything but he cleaned it out. If it works properly, then I should pay him. If not, not.

    Guess what? Nothing changed!

    Now what???


    BTW, I will not be around so much – no computer. I am workng on getting another device. Will try to drop in every once in a while.



    first check the expected battery life of your phone online. You might have just chosen a poor model. If not, call the company directly and dont hang up until this is resolved. Either get a new phone to replace it from them, or ask for another model or refund.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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