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    This letter is in regard to a phony call i’ve received lately from someone posing herself as a young, 19YR old Kallah.

    She was inquiring if I’m a Kallah teacher because she got this phone # from someone. When I answered in the negative, she started asking many inappropriate questions about marriage, stating that she’s getting married in Elul and is sooooooo scared. She made up some nice lies about her identity, family, and her past. It really sounded pretty real, but thank God i suspected something there and informed her that I will not answer any of her questions,and that she can contact a Kallah teacher if she’d like.

    My suspicions were confirmed when I learned that 4 other people besides me got this identical phony call!!!!

    Please be aware of any such phone calls. They sound very authentic. If you get this one, or any call from a stranger- DO NOT ANSWER THEM! They are all fraud!


    even if it would be real – why would you answer such questions from someone you dont know, especially if you’re not a kallah teacher???


    i know some of the pple who did answer her because she sounds very real and rachmanusdig. They wanted to help her out. She sounds like a real pitiful girl who is getting married and really needs help!

    not everyone realizes the truth!


    What is this impostor trying to accomplish?

    Feif Un

    What are they asking that is harmful? Are they asking for your personal information? Asking about halachos? I don’t see what the big deal is…


    you have got to be kidding me!

    what is with this new shtik of phony calls?


    just some kids making crank calls. do you have caller ID? Next time they call tell them you are the police department and watch them hang up fast!


    maybe its some goy or freiya yid who wants to form some loony article in the papers..

    if you heard about the ny journal article u would know what i mean


    shindy, it’s very easy to block the caller ID. That’s the first thing kids do when making prank calls.


    This entry sounds as phony as the calls it claims to warn us about.


    “shindy, it’s very easy to block the caller ID. That’s the first thing kids do when making prank calls. “

    You can also have something on your phone line that prevents people to call you with a blocked caller ID. In order to call your line they have to first dial *82 or something like that before punching in your number, or your phone line will not accept the call. Either way you win. They cannot call you at all, or they MUST identify themselves.

    It could be kids, true, but it could also be some pervert who gets her jollies from this type of call. OR, it could be that you should take this at face value, and it might be a kallah who has no female she can talk to, and is therefore calling different woemn hoping to get some help. In any case, if it is simply a stupid prank, find out who it is, and threaten to call the police. We once were getting annoying calls late at night (not of this nature), and after a couple of nights of this, we answered the phone, and my late father O”H made a clicking sound on the phone and then said in a different and very gruff voice, ” OK, Mahoney, we almost got the call traced! We only need them to call one more time and we will have their address in the system! We can arrest them on the next call!” We never got another call again. I was only a teenager then, but I still remember this.


    its very simple ….there are sick sick people out there…sick


    Refer this individual to a kallah teacher (giver her a #)


    joseph- reread the letter and see what im trying to accomplish. Just informing pple that they shouldnt answer her if they get the call.This goes for other phony calls too, beware of crooks. Not everyone’s as innocent as they seem to be.


    Feif un- Not harmful, not a big deal, jsut something to be aware of.

    A caller who is calling around with phony calls, should not be answered. I only posted this once I verified 100% that this is phony.


    JPHONE: Expalain why please. Why would someone make this up? For what odd reason?


    JPHONE- please dont ignore. Im just curious as to why you would make such a thoughtless comment.What is your opinion based on that this entry is phony?


    I’m not ignoring you. I dont live my life around blog entries on YWN. when I have time to go online and read blog entries AND have time to respond, I do. I’m sorry if replies are not up to your speed.

    Why would someone make it up? the same reason someone would make up lots of things. They have nothing better to do with their time. They like to stir the pot. They want to have a discussion about this topic and thought of a round about way to bring it up, so far nobody has taken the bait and asked “so what did she ask”.

    There is a wonderful service, called Privacy Manager by most phone providers. It will block all unidentified calls from ever reaching you.


    JPHONE: whoops, I submitted the reply my mistake.

    continuation: I just wanted pple to be aware.

    If your still doubting it, there’s really nothing I can do, but I do know 4 other pple who told me as a btw about a phony call they received from someone posing as a kallah, looking for a kallah teacher.

    Feel free to believe it or not, but please, next time you read a letter, dont advertise that it sounds phony if you DONT KNOW!

    Thank you!

    ( not waiting for a response this time!)



    Im sorry if you felt offended by my asking you not to ignore me. I understand youo have other important things to do like the rest of us. I was just too curious as to why you made your comment and was awaiting a response.

    I just wanted to say that I agree 100% with what you said about pple sending letters just to stir the pot. I think that half these letters are made up too. But I wouldnt voice my opinion. I wouldnt attack someone like that. I dont believe everything I hear, but I wouldnt say it just in case it is important/true. How can you be so sure that it sounds made up.

    I didnt submit this letter at all to get responses from pple. I wawsnt expecting comments at all.I just wanted pple to be aware.

    Please read comment above for continuation.



    Sorry Im going back to such an old post. But I just wanted to inform you that my sister just got that phone call!!!! So it is true!!!

    But you’re still not gonna believe it, huh?

    I guess the caller is not reading the posts on YW!!

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