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    This letter is in regard to a phony call i’ve received lately from someone posing herself as a young, 19YR old Kallah.

    She was inquiring if I’m a Kallah teacher because she got this phone # from someone. When I answered in the negative, she started asking many inappropriate questions about marriage, stating that she’s getting married in Elul and is sooooooo scared. She made up some nice lies about her identity, family, and her past. It really sounded pretty real, but thank God i suspected something there and informed her that I will not answer any of her questions,and that she can contact a Kallah teacher if she’d like.

    My suspicions were confirmed when I learned that 4 other people besides me got this identical phony call!!!!

    Please be aware of any such phone calls. They sound very authentic. If you get this one, or any call from a stranger- DO NOT ANSWER THEM! They are all fraud!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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