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    I happen to love photography! Nature,portraits,landscapes,sports.. I feel a diffrent “Chizuk” to diffrent pictures i take.. Does anyone know or has heard about taking pictures of gedollim to use as chizzuk? is it mevatal gedloay hatorah to do such a thing? I heard recently rav abucatezria said he dosent want anyone taking his picture…Does that apply to all gedolim or just a klal by him??


    Some rabbonim especially chasidishe claim that there is a tomeih spirit on a photograph.

    Don’t ask me why there are so many publications with photos it’s only content.


    coreytothecup: It is machlokes if one can take a picture of a person even if the image does not protrude(Tur YD 141 quoting the Ramban). There is a further machlokes if the image is half or a whole person (Shach). There are gedolim who do permit pictures of gedolim and a lot of the times the picture is a half image. This is not psak this is just a quick overview.


    Welcome back corey, sorry again for what i said on the other thread.


    Most of those who are against pictures are not because it’s Avodah Zarah. It’s based on a statement attributed to the Ya’avetz that when you pain a portrait of someone (and same with a picture) it brings certain Kochos Hatumah against that person.


    I guess we have that in common with the Native Americans. 😛


    this corey person is the most obvious troll ever to present himself on this site. why do people continue to respond to these threads?

    old man

    Photographs or portraits are ok. There is no problem.


    Toi – if you are not a mod, then GET OUT OF HERE!!! Who are YOU to accuse publicly and embarrass another jew???! Phoooy! Your comment disgusted me! How can you say that and still call yourself a yid?! I hope you ask mechila b’rabim from coreytothecup, and then flee this site and never come back!! Mods, how on earth does such a comment go through undetected? Toi, if you are a moderator then please handle this in private!

    For the record, coreytothecup has done absolutely no wrong nor harm. Each and every thread he started were legitimate and enjoyable. We welcome ANY jew and person that wishes to grow and ask on any relative topic of discussion as long as it exists within the realm per traditional yiddishkeit. By all means, every member here is given the benefit of the doubt of being legit, sincere, normal. The CR has moderators to screen this site, and if they feel someone is lurking mischievously causing trouble, they should be competent enough to handle the situation. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHTS TO ACCUSE ANY OTHER MEMBER HERE! If someone has a problem let them forward it to the mods.

    coretothecup, please don’t let any stupid demeaning comment such as the one above stop you from continuing to post, and enjoy this site. You are a perfectly normal member, and we welcome you with open arms and want you to continue to bring up interesting issues we can discuss. I am sorry everyone about this rant but I could not contain myself and felt I had to say something!

    Feif Un

    R’ Moshe Feinstein used to tell people not to stop kids from taking pictures of gedolim. He said, “Better they should have my picture on the wall instead of a baseball player!”

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