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    I have a very sweet gentile physical (female) therapist for my daughter.

    I would like to get her a gift now that’s it’s “gift” season.

    Any ideas?

    I would like to spend around $20.00


    Gift certificate?




    Oh my i sense that Wolfish Musings will visit this thread soon and bemoan the misleading thread title, I am with you Wolf.


    Gift certificate to where?

    Perfume is very personal, I dont know what scent she would like.

    anything else?

    The Goq, I apologize if the title is misleading, I was not trying to mislead you or WOlf for that matter.


    What’s the misleading thread title?

    We always got my physical therapists gift cards- one for a manicure at a place near the hospital where I got my therapy and one for Starbucks (she was thrilled- a total coffee addict).



    Writersoul if one were to read this thread title it would be safe for them to assume it would be about one or more of the following: Do i need a PT? Are PT’s covered by insurance? have you used a PT snd found it helpful in helping you recover? et al. The proper title for this thread should have been Gift/tip giving at this time of year or something to that affect.

    Patur Aval Assur

    What’s the misleading thread title?

    Physical Therapist.

    (That was for you, Lior, and anyone else who “didn’t take me to be the joking type”.)

    Now that I’ve satiated my joking side, the serious answer is that I think that the misleadingness is that it makes you think that the thread is going to be about Physical Therapists, or physical therapy, or physical disabilities, or something of the sort, and then when you open it it turns out to be about advice for gift-getting. The fact that the recipient of the gift is a physical therapist is only relevant if you want ideas for gifts that are specifically geared towards physical therapists, e.g. a therapy ball. And even then, the title is still misleading – just not completely irrelevant.

    Just for the record, it doesn’t bother me at all – it actually adds excitement when you never know what the thread is going to be about. I was just explaining why people would think that the title is misleading. So nobody take offense.


    As writer soul said, maybe a mani/pedi gift certificate?


    It is forbidden to tell a non-Jew that you got them a gift

    “for C—-tmas.” There may also be other issues – if you are

    not familiar with the subject, please call a Rav.


    My post originally had “(Just in case:)” before it,

    so as not to imply an assumption of ignorance on your part.


    A nice religious ornament to hang around her neck? Mit ah yoshkeh.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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