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    Does anyone here know the correct protocol to follow in a situation where the pilot of a commercial aircraft drops dead in the middle of the flight?

    Just a heads-up: The first five answers will automatically be wrong. I may or may not know the correct answer. There may or may not be a correct answer. I will tell you that I am a professional in a field of work such that I am involved with airplanes on a regular basis, although I won’t tell you in what capacity I am involved. This should be enough to lead you to believe that everything I say regarding this matter is true, although, as I said before, there might not actually be a correct answer. To be honest, I would really prefer if no one gave a correct answer because that would further prove my theory that the general population really doesn’t know how to deal with the given situation.

    So, does anyone know?

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    lol. (I guess that’s the wrong answer since it’s one of the first five)

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    say Tehillim (#2 – I guess it’s also wrong.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    #3 – You won’t be able to do anything because you will also be dead, chas v’shalom, by the time you realize what happened


    Source, from Quora:

    When one pilot dies their place is taken either by another pilot traveling as a passenger or by a cabin crew member who assists the other pilot with check lists and other tasks. Many cabin crew members are either pilots’ themselves or have had some training for this kind of emergency. In addition, they are known to the company and so they can be trusted.


    wow Meno you are full of great information!

    and you are just willing to give it away for free?

    Avram in MD

    Step 1: Make sure whatever took out the pilot doesn’t get the co-pilot

    Step 2: Co-pilot takes control of the aircraft

    Step 3: Everyone argues about the proper protocol for treating the pilot


    Copilot takes over.

    Ctrl Alt Del

    I would imagine it would be airline specific, no doubt there’s a checklist somewhere that covers this, like the “after death checklist” or something. I would imagine though, that the co-pilot takes command. You also may or may not be able to remove the pilot from his seat safely (if thats where he died). I suppose they should declare an emergency and get routing to the nearest airport that can handle the type of aircraft they’re on. Cant land an A380 at Teterboro after all…. As for believing that everything you say is true about this matter…well….we really have NO idea if your claimed professions is in fact really your profession. So…… we’ll probably take that with a grain of salt too.

    Little Froggie

    1) Turn the plane upside down

    2) Put it in reverse

    3) Drop it where it is

    4) Call 911. Tell ’em you’re waiting till they send someone to help.

    5) Press the {F8} button – that’s the Reset!

    OK so we used up the first five.

    A plane can normally go on without the pilot. There’s the co-pilot and additional crew who know how to land a plane perfectly. Nevertheless they request emergency clearance at the closest feasible spot and land there.

    Oops – forgot to mention – they can call out if there’s a Little Froggie on board. Binder Dondat. A smaller aircraft. (And yes – it was fun. Those things you actually feel like you’re flying and controlling it. With these clumsy biggies, you miss that feeling)


    “Call 911. Tell ’em you’re waiting till they send someone to help.”

    I hope you’re not using your cell phone on the plane. It can mess with the radio systems and cause the plane to crash.


    Your cell phone doesn’t really mess with the plane’s electronic systems.

    You knew that, right?

    They force you to shut your phone for the same reason they force you to sit in a tiny seat with no room for your knees even if you’re under 5’2″, for the same reason they make you stand on endless pointless lines, for the same reasons they have a handbook with 12,896 reasons to cancel a flight even on a sunny day, for the same reason they send your luggage to Ankara when you fly to Chicago, for the same reason they charge you for checking in the luggage that they plan to lose, for the same reason they will soon charge you for using the rest room, and if you put up with that then that will also be the reason they charge you for using oxygen on the plane–

    Because they can.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    You can do what the Reform Jew sitting next to me on a flight to Florida did – he flew separately from his family so that if one plane crashed they wouldn’t all die, and he made sure to sit next to someone who ordered Kosher food so she’d be able to pray for him if the plane crashed!

    Okay, so he didn’t actually plan the second part, but when he saw I had ordered kosher food, he told me that he was very happy he was sitting next to me, since I could pray for him if the plane crashed. At some point in the conversation, when I excused myself because I had to say my prayers, he was like, “please, go ahead and pray!” I never met anyone so scared of a plane crash in my life!


    The precise answer to your question, “Does anyone know …” is, yes, the entire flight crew knows. Now, relax, and enjoy the rest of your flight.


    Correct answers must have exclamation points, of course, for emphasis.


    Unless you’re Health!

    Little Froggie

    HOLD IT Put the plane in reverse.

    I forgot exclamation points!! (oops, I just did!! (hey, I just did it again!! (and again!! (and again))))

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