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    ‘Shabbos Sacrifice,’ Mishpacha, Dec.9.20

    Police violence was an embarrassing and uncomfortable chapter in Israel’s early history, but in the end, a hidden stash of transcripts shed light on a young bochur who would fight for justice at all costs.

    mishpacha [dot] com/shabbos-sacrifice/

    Eli Alon, News1, 27.2.23:

    “Murdered for sanctity of Shabbat”
    On Shabbat, September 1, ’56, one of the .. demonstrations in the history of ultra-Orthodox demonstrations in the city was held in Jerusalem, during which one of the demonstrators, an ultra-Orthodox Jew resident of Jerusalem, 55-year-old Pinchas Segalov, died – According to testimony, he died after being beaten by policemen with batons and thrown to the sidewalk.

    Segalov’s death and the harsh police violence that was used in the demonstration provoked a public protest among religious Judaism in all its forms. The day after Segalov’s death, ultra-Orthodox newspapers published headlines and obituaries along the lines of “murdered for the kdusha of Shabbat “. Seglov is considered to this day among ultra-Orthodox circles as a symbol of the struggle to keep Shabbat.
    The shock in the religious community from Segalov’s death united the religious community and the ultra-Orthodox community. The “Hatzofe” newspaper, the mouthpiece of the “Hapoel HaMizrachi-Mizrachi” movement, later the National Religious Party’s National Religious Party, published an editorial the day after his death (September 2, ’56), which stated, among other things: “Rabbi Pinchas Segalov, who was murdered yesterday by the wicked [זדים] for standing in the street and asking not to to desecrate the Sabbath in Jerusalem, he joins the Temples of Gd that actually existed ‘because we have been killed all day long’… R. Pinchas Segalov, a Gd-fearing, and modest Jew, was not murdered by gentile policemen. Jews beat him with their clubs until he knelt down and fell and turned away his soul. Those who always savagely attack Shabbat keepers caused his death. he was murdered”.

    Shabbat struggles in Jerusalem:
    Demonstrations of Shabbat struggles in Jerusalem accompany the city since the 1920s and 1930s, even before the establishment of the state.


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