Place in the Torah where it talks about Chesed or Tzedakah?

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    If someone can give me a few sources in the torah where it talks about giving tzedakah, doing chesed, helping jews in need, it would be very much appreciated! Thank you!


    The torah begins with chessed and ends with chessed. It begins with chessed with Hashem clothing adam, and ends with chessed with Hashem burying moshe.

    Source: Sota 14a


    The story of Avraham Avinu is filled with chessed. He was the paradigm of chessed.

    V’ahavta l’rayacha kamocha is quintessentially about chessed. More to the point, can you find a place in the Torah that is NOT about doing chessed and tzedaka (Which means righteousness not charity)?


    I mean a passuk maybe about The command of helping out a fellow brother in need… Something that you actually have a source for… something you can cite.

    But thank you these were helpful!


    Ha! its amazing, when there is leitzanus on the table, the messages come flooding in, when theres a serious, and VERY basic question, the silence hurts because it screams the truth.

    Devarim 15:8 – ????-?????? ????????? ???-??????, ???; ?????????, ??????????????, ???? ?????????, ?????? ??????? ???.

    Two pesukim later it doth say – ?????? ??????? ???, ?????-????? ???????? ?????????? ???: ???? ???????? ???????? ??????, ?????????? ?????? ?????????, ??????-?????????, ??????? ???????? ??????

    Vayikra 25:35 – ?????-??????? ???????, ??????? ????? ???????–????????????? ????, ???? ????????? ????? ?????

    and the next passuk – ???-??????? ???????? ??????? ???????????, ????????? ???????????; ????? ???????, ???????

    That was all the tzedakka sources i could think of. As for chessed,

    It says in pirkei avos that its one of the three pillars upon which the earth stands.

    it says oilam chessed yibaneh in tehillim,

    Hope that helps, im tired but if you need more, let me know

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    yeshivish – thanks so much for that last one. I thought of the pasuk but had no idea where to source it to/from


    Its 89:3 in case youre curious

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    After you narrowed it down to one sefer, I was actually willing to look for it! Thanks so much.


    What is the difference between tzedakah and chesed?

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