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    I can’t afford buying tznius clothes from frum stores in brooklyn or… because they cost a fortune.

    So, for my boys, I got the basics from “THE MAN WITH THE TRUCK”

    does anyone know of a place for clothes for my younger daughter like skirts, long sleeved shirts…. for very cheap similar to what “THE MAN WITH THE TRUCK” would have for boys?

    I have gone to gemachs but with work and… I usually can’t get that much there as all the other women get there “first”…

    Please respond with helpful tips, and please don’t tell me to try hanes, macy’s etc. because I know about trying to follow sales in the goyish stores for the few things they have that might be tziniut

    thanks to all of you who have responded to me previously and thanks to anyone who posts helpful info.


    basic colors has good prices and is the stuff everyone wears, as someone from out of town on a tight budget, if I am in brooklyn, that is the first place I go to. then you can go to any non jewish store for layering pieces, like kohls.


    Elzee’s has tons of great skirts to choose from. Sometimes Children’s Place has appropriate outfits for girls(usually more modest during the winter time), top quality clothing – but always very long lines. Kohls has nice tops esp. because you can wear shells with many short sleeve/sleeveless styles.


    You didn’t mention the age of the child, but here goes. I’ve bought shells (which they call layering tees $7 used to be less) in Children’s Place, and in Kohls or TJ Max or other non Jewish you can buy sleeveless tops and wear them on top of the shell as a vest. I will buy one or two slinky skirts and just wash them often. For Shabbos my kids hardly keep their shoes on, so I can use shoes from Payless. Lands End shoe prices are also very good if she’ll like the styles for a weekday shoe.


    When The Children’s Place in Lakewood has a sale, all the kids wear the same shirt the next day.


    @ kollel wife

    I am a fast walker


    thanks to all the posts, I think Elzee’s seems a little out of my price range, however, I should clarify two things:

    1) I live in NYC, not near Lakewood

    2) I am asking for tznius clothing.

    Some people suggested about getting something different for the sleeves ETC.

    I know almost all frum women walk around with a “non tzinius” top paired with long sleeved shirts under, however, if I were to do that, I could buy anything from goyish stores.

    I am asking for info. assuming I am buying a tznius shirt skirts…. as I think that wearing those tight fitted shirts to cover your arms underneath is very uncomfortable and hot.

    I will check out basic colors as that seems to be “equivalent” to “the man with the truck” for girls.


    When my daughters were little, I got them beautiful Shabbos dresses on eBay. Most seem to have been worn only a couple of times — most non-Jewish kids dress up once or twice a year. I learned which brands were high quality and asked the sellers relevant question like length.


    Shells are either cotton or (mostly?)lycra. Lycra dressier, cotton cooler. Some of the styles in random goyish stores are made pretty cheaply, but Kohl’s and Children’s Place offer quality clothing. I am told Nordstrom, Land’s End, and others are great too, but usually expensive.


    If you’re looking for really cheap, Penina’s in Boro Park sells children’s clothes at cost as a chessed. They have limited but classic styles. They are in the low 40’s and there is no sign in front of the store, on the same side as Peretz. All clothes are washable.

    Peretz has very nice girl’s clothes. They are good quality and washable. They tend to be a bit more expensive than Penina’s but still very reasonable.


    I’ve gotten stuff at the man with the truck… it was when I was a lot younger though.

    If you don’t mind an investment, Land’s End stuff lasts FOREVER. I spent my whole childhood in their dresses and my family has passed their tshirts down through multiple sisters, cousins, etc. and it just stays looking new. Hanna Andersson is similar though not quite as long-wearing.


    I am not trying to suggest non tznius or clingy styles from the non Jewish stores. But many sleeveless tops can be worn as a vest and sun-dresses as jumpers. I’m not talking about an inherently non tznius style, but it looks like a vest – not low cut or strap sleeves or things like that.

    Obviously the shell underneath must not have tight sleeves and the jumper/vest must fit properly. Children’s Place sells jumpers/sun dresses in the summer – that look perfect as a jumper with no tznius issues whatsoever!!!


    thanks for the info.

    to kollel_wife i know of goyish stores that I could get things to use as jumpers….

    I started this thread for specifically tznius things such as a tznius long sleeve shirt to wear under a jumper or “sun dress” (and not the tight fitted shells others wear). but thanks anyway.

    the suggestion to get shabbos dresses online at ebay is something I could try as shabbos clothes would be more expensive than weekday

    Torah613Torah thanks for the info. would you be able to tell me what ave? did you mean 13th ave?

    And to others who have made suggestions, I appreciate you taking the time but I do not see a point in spending more money on better “quality” things as baruch hashem young children grow and change sizes quickly such that it is not even a worthwhile investment in my mind.

    If you were able to pass it on to other girls in your family, kol hakovod but usually even young girls today (or is it their mothers)have a specific style color… they prefer


    Sorry if I’m being a pest – only trying to help – please type in layering tee on the Children’s Place website on the search on the top right. These are plain tops in all colors. (comes long & short sleeve, so make sure to look at the long sleeve). I know it’s not a blouse, but depending on the age of the child can be fine and tzinus-dik. I even once bought a bunch of white ones for $2 each at a sale in a Children’s Place outlet (yes – near Lakewood)


    this may sound crazy to some but i went into the salvation army one day on nostrand by family dollar – toward the water – (brooklyn) and (1) i thought it was a furniture store (2) I realized it eas not when they wouldn’t deliver the bookshelf (3) i saw a ton of frum people there getting suits and shabbos clothing. i have a feeling there is a timing on this kind of purchase but – it may be worth a try if you are close.


    I’m not sure where you are from, but in Lakewood there’s a very trendy gemach called deja new, nothing in there is over $10! It’s all gently worn stylish clothes and I always find a lot of designer/name brands. I was able to find a blazer with the tags still on yhat read $150 for maybe $5.


    scienceprogram go to Sears

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