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    Many people have the minhag not to sell real chometz. But instead of throwing the chometz out, we can do a mitzvah with it. We donate it to an organization that collects the chometz before Pesach, sells it for Pesach, and then distributes it to the needy after Pesach.

    Organizations that collect chometz exist in many neighborhoods. I suggest we create a list here of the organizations that are collecting chometz and where/when we can contribute.

    I will start with the first one that I am familiar with in my area. Please join by listing the organizations in your neighborhoods.

    Tomchei Shabbos of Queens is collecting chometz this Wednesday evening, April 17th, from 5 pm – 8 pm at the Tomchei Shabbos of Queens warehouse, located at 129-01 Metropolitan Avenue, Kew Gardens. They are accepting closed packages of food with good expiration dates. They are also accepting checks for Ma’os Chittin.

    Best wishes for a Chag Kosher v’sameach! In the z’chus of tzedaka, may we be zoche to celebrate Pesach in the Bais HaMikdash this year.

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