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    I’m going to be in Jerusalem with my older kids (aged 14 to 8) for two days and would appreciate some recommendations for interesting places I can take them. So far I have:

    The Kosel tunnels

    Yad Vashem (checking first to make sure it is age-appropriate)

    The science museum.

    Any others places you can recommend?


    mini Israel, not exactly in yerushalayim but it’s close by..


    Shraga, I would suggest you divide your activities by location. In addition to the Kosel tunnels, there are other museums in the Jewish quarter, including seeing sites from the times of 2nd BHM’K and also the museum with the keilim from the BHM”K. Lots to see and do in the Old City. Combine that with a visit to the kosel for daavening, eating pizza or whatever else you might like at one of the restaurants, and you will have exhausted a large part of the day, especially with just walking up all of the stairs from the Kosel to the Jewish Quarter.

    Other museums can be done on the second day – Yad Vashem will take a couple of hours, and you can get there going on the new Light Rail train just to see some sights, the Israel Museum if that interests you, Science Museum, which you mentioned, a trip to Geulah/Meah Shearim to shop a little and get every one a token to remember their trip with and bring back presents when they go home.

    Enjoy your stay.


    Right near Mini Israel is the tank museum at Latrun.

    I dont think Yad Vashem is appropriate for kids under 14.


    The Bibical Zoo and the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens


    Be sure to see…

    The Southern Wall excavations – there are tours with an indoor video presentation. Seeing this makes the Kotel 100 times more meaningful.

    Ir David… Just outside Shaar Ha’Ashpa’ot (Dung Gate – where taxis coming to the Kotel leave from) Amazing new discoveries there from the time of David HaMelech – and if the weather isn’t too cold you can walk throught Chezkiyahu’s Water tunnel (about a 20 minute walk with a flashlight thru water up to your knees)- the kids will love it!


    Visiting Eretz Yisroel isn’t like visiting London or the Grand Canyons, where you ought to be touring fun and interesting sites. Eretz Yisroel is about kedusha.



    You are quite right, however when dealing with young kids they have to have fun too. You want them to have great memories of their trip so they’ll want to go back when they’re a bit older when they will hopefully have a greater ability to be machsheev the kedusha.

    I would be happy if we could just get more ADULTS to appreciate what you said.


    I am going on a family trip to Eretz Yisroel in August Iyh. Besides mekomos hakdoshim, what are some nice things to do up north? Also, we would like to take the kids jeeping and to a bedouin camp. There are so many advertised. Any reccomendations on a good jeeping tour/bedouin camp? We would prefer to do that from Yerushalayim. I am all ears


    Why would you want to go jeeping in EY? You can do that in your own country. Has EY become a disney-like vacationland instead of a Holy Land?


    There are some great rafting places up north that are a lot of fun- I like Kfar Blum.

    There’s also the Hula Valley, where you can rent bikes and bike around the lake.

    Also Tzuk Menara (which I’m pretty sure is next to Kiryat Shmone), which has a gorgeous cable car ride and Alpine slide. (Do this instead of Har Chermon- just as pretty [though in a different way] and much less out of the way.)

    In addition to the mekomos hakedoshim in Tzfat, just getting lost in the old city can be a lot of fun (though perhaps not with little kids…).

    There are banana boating places on the shore of the Kinneret.

    Lots of great hikes in the area- if your kids are old enough and nobody is afraid of heights, the Arbel is a lot of fun.

    If you’re interested in hiking and archaeology, Gamla in the Golan is extremely cool. In fact, there are amazing archaeological digs all over the place up north- Katzrin mishnaic village, ancient shuls all over…

    (Can you tell I just came back from seminary? 🙂

    I wanna go home!)

    Just saying- if you’re in Yerushalayim and have a car (though it is accessible by public transportation), do the Temple Mount Sifting Project. Very cheap (10 NIS for two hours) and really, really amazing.


    Thank you, writersoul. If we do Tzuk Manara, does it still pay to do Arbel? Also, where are there nice places to stop on our way back to Yerushalayim from Tzfas?


    Thank you, writersoul. If we do Tzuk Manara, does it still pay to do Arbel? Also, where are there nice places to stop on our way back to Yerushalayim from Tzfas?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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