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    I recently moved and the original set we had was too massive to take along to our new apartment. It was much too large to fit the new space. Any ideas where to purchase a good quality dining room set that won’t break the bank– can be coordinating pieces – of a solid table and solid (not flimsy)chairs with a breakfront? I’d like good quality and clean, modern lines — nothing ornate.

    Meanwhile I’m making do with a folding table and folding chairs and all things that belong in the breakfront are still in boxes.


    Participant sometimes sells some nice dining sets

    YW Moderator-18

    where are you located?


    Breindy – Thanks!

    Moderator – 18 – In Brooklyn

    I don’t need the traditional type of massively huge, formal, ornate dining room sets that the local Boro Park stores seem to showcase. I don’t like those, they are too large for the space I need and I’m looking to get the best value for as little as I can get by with spending. I realize I would have to spend several thousand, but am not looking to go overboard.


    Go on a website, but problem is, if you understand too much Yiddish, you probably have already blocked out those sites with a filter.


    If I had such a high-level filter I probably wouldn’t even be able to access the Coffee Room. Are you kidding me?? A furniture website would be blocked?? Do you have any personal experience having purchased furniture from a website? I think I’d want to be able to see what I’m getting. Even with clothing, the companies make it look so appealing and then when you order it and it is delivered you realized you’ve just purchased the biggest shmattes that need to be shipped straight back where they came from! Hardly able to do that with a room of furniture.


    Craigs list, ikea


    Try craigslist


    Ikea,possible bargains sears and macys fine furnishings


    In addition to procuring furniture on a website, I know frum people who obtained their wife on an internet, and are very happily married.

    I also know someone who fulfilled the 613th Mitzwah of the Torah over a website on e-bay, procuring a Sepher Torah on e-bay which after purchase, was found out to be most Kosher.


    I agree with the Craigslist suggestion. There’s no obligation to purchase until you look at it. You can inquire as to the manufacturer to check quality. You can strip and refinish the top or purchase a piece of glass cut to size to cover it (as long as you’re not planning on expanding it periodically with leaves).

    We bought fabulous dining room chairs from a very well to do couple. I knew the company and I loved the chairs (1/2 off the original price) so the decision was easy.


    Try S&G Fine Chairs in the Brooklyn Navy Yard


    check out raymour and flannigan and bob’s. you can look online for both

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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